18 Online Document Sharing Sites

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Sharing request possibly with some specific people or with everybody in a internet is today utterly easy with a online request pity software. Whether we wish to share a essay we combined in a pdf request or a powerpoint presentation, all can be finished utterly simply with these online request pity sites. Some of a best request pity sites have been discussed below.

1. Google Docs

Google docs is one of a best places to share your papers with peers. With a choice to emanate online request and share it with comparison people. One can emanate and share documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc. The use is positively FREE and is utterly fast and powerful.

2. Slideshare

Slideshare is one of a many famous online display pity platforms. One can emanate a FREE comment to start uploading slides and share it with others. There is however no need for registration to entrance a online files. The FREE chronicle allows uploading files adult to 100 MB. For incomparable record uploads, one can go for a pro skeleton that start during $19 per month and concede upto 300 MB upload and several other comforts like private uploads, analytics etc.

3. Scribd

Scribd is an online height to share pdfs, powerpoints, etc. One can perspective them or download them and all is positively FREE. It has one of a biggest collections of online papers and provides a good interface for reading.

4. Issuu

Issuu allows we to emanate and share good looking papers and comes with good customization options. Issuu is used by millions of users and publishers who use issuu to emanate good looking papers online. The papers can be stored accessed by several categories and one can emanate an comment with Issuu or bond directly with Facebook.

5. Docstoc

Docstoc comes with abounding comforts to emanate good looking reward and tradition documents, business videos etc. and share it with a world. The best partial is that docstoc allows we to make income from your documents. One can possibly emanate a simple members comment for FREE or go reward with $19.95 per month.

6. Zoho

Zoho’s secure request pity and government apparatus can concede we to store , conduct and keep lane of all your papers online. Have some cold comforts like full content search, online chat, check-in/checkout, workspace and cumulative record pity facilities. They offer giveaway pointer adult with 1 gb information for all users. Their paid book starts from $3/user/month.

7. Calameo

Calameo is good request edition and browsing sites. Create good looking papers by formulating a FREE comment with Calameo and share it with a universe or go for a reward chronicle that starts during $15 and allows we to entrance additional comforts like API, skin and some-more features.

8. Authorstream

Authorstream allows we to share powerpoint presentations. One can directly start uploading files or emanate a FREE comment and simply conduct a presentations. Also one can crop by several presentations on opposite topics.

9. Yudu

Yudu allows we to emanate veteran looking magazines, catalogs and books. One can emanate and share papers on a cloud with a Yudu FREE chronicle or go pro and also sell a papers for an annual price and also get many other modifying comforts too.

10. Youblisher

Youblisher is one good place to share your documents. It translates all your papers into a good flippable book format that people would adore to read. The best partial is that youblisher is totally FREE and there is no assign for formulating documents, hosting as good as sharing.

11. Slideboom

Slideboom allows we to emanate online presentations directly from a powerpoint files that one can hide in several sites and blogs. The giveaway chronicle contains Ads and supports 100 presentations and 10 private presentations.

12. Edocr

edocr is a good place to share and tell documents. edocr is a good place to beget lead for your business and comes with good comforts like pity your papers on some-more than 300 web services including renouned amicable networking sites like Facebook. It allows we to bond with your readers by messaging services and provides finish research on who noticed your documents.

13. Powershow

Powershow not usually allows we to emanate and share presentations, though with a compensate to perspective feature, it even allows we to make income out of it. Also there is a good possibility of your display to be featured in a categorical page of a site.

14. Slideserve

Slideserve provides choice to share and crop by several powerpoint presentations and even supports animation and transitions. It comes with a choice to share a papers possibly publically or usually for Private viewing. Sharing slides only requires one click and a request is prepared to be common with a world.

15. Uniflip

Uniflip allows we to share papers in a good peep formed flip page interface. It is a good resolution for corporates to boost distinction by communicating with a customer in a improved and some-more appealing way. Uniflip provides a knowledge of reading a genuine book and suits a best on inscription and mobile devices. The skeleton start during $79 for a singular publication.

16. Simpy Docs

Simply docs is a good place to share and buy papers for several tasks including business mail templates, authorised contracts, portfolio of practice contracts, review forms, use agreements etc. The devise starts during $55 for accessing and total download for one year.

17. Docuter

Docueter is another easy to conduct docuemt pity tool. Offers 25 gb information storage for free. Plenty of collection including online maangenet, devise management, common calander, online contention and lot more.

18. Glasscube

Plenty of comforts including online media viewer, Thumbnail preview, Google docs integration, online request editing, record locking functionality, low record search, along with many other partnership and communication featured.Offers both giveaway devise and paid ones. Paid devise starts from €35/month.


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