46 of one of the most uncommon electronic cameras ever before made

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( Pocket-lint) – Camera innovation has actually come a lengthy method given that the very early days of the electronic camera obscura.

Inventors and also producers have actually attempted and also evaluated a wide variety of various electronic camera creates some eccentric, some bonkers, some exceptionally effective. Throughout the years, there have actually been lots of remarkable and also strange electronic cameras in all dimensions and also forms.

From fight all set gatling gun electronic cameras to sci-fi styles and also peculiar storage space tools, we assemble an option of the strangest, rarest and also most normal electronic cameras to be produced.

Hannes Grobe [CC BY-SA 4.0] using Wikimedia Commons

Apple Quicktake 100

The Apple QuickTake was just one of the last and also very first electronic electronic cameras created by Apple.

This electronic camera looked even more like a projector than the traditional electronic camera style and also can take 32 pictures at an incredible 0.08 MP or 8 breaks at 640 x480 Initially launched in 1994, it was marketed by Apple up until 1997 however fell short to capture on and also was deserted because year.

Morio [CC-BY-SA-3.0], using Wikimedia Commons

Sony Digital Mavica

In 1981, Sony released the Mavica as the globe’s very first digital still electronic camera. It had not been an electronic electronic camera in the present understanding as its sensing unit generated an analogue video clip signal recorded on Video Floppy discs. The recorded pictures can after that be seen on a TELEVISION.

Things have actually come a lengthy method ever since.

Leica Camera AG

Leica DMR

The Lecia DMR was the globe’s very first crossbreed 35 mm SLR electronic camera with the alternative for either electronic or analogue digital photography.

In regular Lecia style, it was valued at $6,000 and also really did not make much monetary feeling however was seen by several as the divine grail of the change in between movie and also electronic photography.

individual13867742/ ebay.com

Leica S1

This Lecia electronic camera was fascinating not just for its form and also style, however likewise for the truth that it provided lens installs for Nikon, Contax, Canon FD, and also Minolta lenses.

The uncommon style suggested it recorded square pictures utilizing 35 mm lenses.

Don DeBold [CC BY 2.0], using Wikimedia Commons

Rollei 35

The Rollei 35 was a small viewfinder electronic camera that was initially presented to the globe in 1966 and also was the tiniest electronic camera of the moment.

Over the years that adhered to around 2 countless these electronic cameras were made and also the style also continued up until2015



Lytro is a light-field electronic camera that was initially created in pocket-sized layout and also was fascinating not just for its uncommon form however due to the fact that it can redoubling pictures after being taken.

Later versions would certainly likewise be appealing, with a dealt with aperture it determined resolution in megarays as opposed to megapixels and also can concentrating from 0 mm to infinity.

George Raymond Lawrence, using Wikimedia Commons

George Lawrence’s Mammoth Camera

In 1900, George Lawrence developed the globe’s biggest electronic camera in order to take a picture of a train and also catch all the carriages in one solitary shot – a ground-breaking breathtaking for the time.

George Lawrence went far for himself with feats such as this as well as likewise took action in airborne digital photography technology that consisted of taking pictures from hot-air balloons and also with camera-carrying kites. An additional of his well known breathtaking pictures revealed the results of the 1906 quake with the damages of San Francisco.

2018 Light

Light L16

The Light L16 was a quirkily developed electronic camera that made use of 16 electronic camera components to catch numerous high-resolution breaks at differing focal sizes, at one time. The suggestion right here was to produce a cam that functioned as a great happy medium in between a big DSLR for high quality and also portable electronic camera for mobility.

The recorded pictures were integrated with each other right into a 52- megapixel picture which can have its emphasis modified after that and also provided ” extraordinary low-light efficiency”. This absolutely resembles it was influenced by a fly and also sticks out on our listing of uncommon electronic cameras.


Konishoruko (Konica) Rokuoh-Sha Type 89 Machine Gun Japanese WWII Camera

During WWII numerous fight electronic cameras were developed by army pressures worldwide for training functions.

One of these electronic cameras was made for the Japanese airforce by Konishoruko, a cam maker that would certainly later on pass the name Konica.

These kind of electronic cameras were placed to airplanes instead of actual gatling gun and also assisted with screening and also training of pilots by verifying eliminates and also assessing their precision. When the pilot shot on his tools, video was taken of what he was targeting at and also the recorded movie can after that be evaluated after the airplane landed.

If you like the appearance of one, it’s presently offered to buy from ebay.com.



This pinhole electronic camera was made from shot molded ABS, stainless-steel and also completed with a non-slip covering that made it qualified and also very sturdy of standing up to both natural environments and also misuse.

In the period of the electronic electronic camera, the HARMAN TITAN pinhole electronic camera is maintaining among the earliest kinds of digital photography active with conventional movie capture with a pin-hole gadget.

Polaroid Originals

Impossible I-1 Instant Film Camera

This uncommon looking electronic camera is pitched as one of the “most innovative immediate electronic cameras ever before made”. In an age of straightforward smart device digital photography and also electronic electronic cameras, this electronic camera is developed to enable individuals to explore their pictures and also provide analogue fanatics the capability to break instantaneous pictures with electronic accuracy.

It’s an exceptionally uncommon looking electronic camera in the electronic period, however absolutely has lots of fascinating peculiarities also with Bluetooth connection, a mobile phone application and also even more permitting dual direct exposures, light paints and also a wide variety of various other unique functions.

Lomography 1994–2018

Lomography LomoKino 35 mm Film Camera

A modern-day take on a retro electronic camera, the Lomography LomoKino 35 mm movie electronic camera is a characteristically styled, hand-cranked 35 mm motion-picture electronic camera that enables individuals to catch 144 film frameworks on a 36- direct exposure roll of movie.

No uncertainty a cam with a really particular niche market charm, however likewise a splendidly uncommon and also eccentric enhancement to our listing.


Minox DCC 14.0 Digital Camera

This is a miniaturised variation of the traditional MINOX electronic camera and also is pitched as a real instance of excellent German design. With accuracy auto mechanics and also a high interest to information, this little electronic camera can 14- megapixel breaks with a top quality that hides its dimension.

2003 – 2018 DxO Labs

DxO ONE Digital Camera with Wi-Fi

The DxO ONE electronic electronic camera is an odd one as it does not function as a cam in its very own right, it requires to link into an Apple apple iphone in order to function.

This smart device add-on captures 202 MP pictures with a 32 mm equal f/1.8 lens. With shutter quicken to 1/20,000 of a 2nd, a max ISO level of sensitivity degree of 51,200 and also a mass of various other setups it provides unbelievable pictures right from your phone.

Avangard Optics

Avangard Optics Smiling Face Brooch Spy Camera

A pinhole electronic camera developed right into a face breastpin that functions as a spy electronic camera and also can be pinned to clothes to capture 480 p video clip at 30 fps.

It’s likewise efficient in catching still pictures and also taping pictures on a microSD card. A strange electronic camera, we question several spy electronic cameras are this unmistakable.

John Nuttall/Flickr. com

Konica AiBORG

This uncommon looking electronic camera by Konica was initially launched in 1991 and also swiftly came to be described as the Darth Vader electronic camera as a result of its uncommon designing functions.

The Konica AiBORG is a 35 mm point-and-shoot viewfinder electronic camera with a exceptionally unique and also huge style. It’s significantly among the very first electronic cameras efficient in autofocus superzoom.

Lomography 1994–2018

Lomography Konstruktor F Do-it-Yourself 35 mm Film SLR Camera Kit

The excellent present for the digital photography fanatic that currently has all of it is a box with a DIY electronic camera inside. The Konstruktor F enables individuals to construct their very own 35 mm from scratch with all the required components.

The suggestion right here is to provide the individual a brand-new located recognition for the detailed auto mechanics behind the analogue electronic cameras and also just how they function. Plus there’s no question something unique regarding utilizing a functioning DSLR electronic camera you developed on your own.

Ignis [CC-BY-SA-3.0] using Wikimedia Commons

Contax AX

This podgy large looking 35 mm movie electronic camera was launched by Kyocera in 1996 and also flaunted a distinct autofocus system that collaborated with hand-operated emphasis lenses.

This was uncommon for the time and also made it stand apart as a remarkable and also strange electronic camera style.

Hiyotada [CC BY-SA 3.0], using Wikimedia Commons

Olympus Ecru

This uncommonly developed Olympus electronic camera was component minimal run of simply 20,000 systems.

The Ecru was a minimal version electronic camera which took its name from the French word for “natural” and also was meant to be an icon for “living an intellectually improved life as all-natural as natural towel.”

LordKalvan [CC BY-SA 3.0], using Wikimedia Commons

Zenit Photosniper

Another electronic camera that resembles the fight electronic cameras we included previously in this listing, the Zenit Photosniper among a number of rifle-styled electronic cameras that was initially meant for army usage or usage for field of battle digital photography.

These designs of electronic camera were most notoriously made use of by Nikita Kruschev that was the leader of the Soviet Union from 1955 up until1964


Fisher-Price PXL-2000

This Fisher-Price electronic camera was referred to as the KiddieCorder and also was a black-and-white camera which was launched in the 1980 s and also made use of audio cassette tapes for its recordings.

Although rarely bleeding-edge electronic camera technology, this little camera was still extremely demanded at the time for being a wonderful plaything however likewise after that by different film-makers that like the low-fi visual appearance.

Samuel Donvil [CC BY-SA 4.0)], using Wikimedia Commons


In the mid-1950 s, SECAM created this pen-shaped electronic camera which appeared like a flawlessly sized spy electronic camera. The Stylophot electronic camera made use of dual perforated 16 mm movie and also recorded 10 x10 mm pictures that were rarely amazing high quality.

Nonetheless, it was absolutely a remarkable and also strange electronic camera and also a terrific enhancement to our listing.

Special Auction Services

Sakura Petal

In 1947, the Petal Optical Company of Japan produce the PETAL, the tiniest subminiature camera on the planet.

The Guinness Book of World Records holds this electronic camera as “the tiniest electronic camera ever before made” gauging at simply an inch in size. This little electronic camera can taking 6 pictures on an item of cut movie that can be changed in daytime however was challenging to make use of.

Morvan [CC BY-SA 2.5], Via Wikimedia Commons

Pentax Auto 110

The Pentax-110 electronic camera system declares to be the tiniest interchangeable-lens SLR system ever before produced. It was so little that the electronic camera itself would certainly fit nicely right into the hand of the hand.

This electronic camera system can dealing with a variety of various compatible lenses and also swiftly came to be very prominent amongst 110 movie cartridge fanatics.


Doryu 2-16

The Doryu 2-16 is yet one more instance of electronic cameras produced in the form of tools and also pistols. These gun electronic cameras were created in the 1950 s for cops and also security job pressures however just around 600 were generated.

Bob Blaylock [CC BY-SA 3.0], using Wikimedia Commons

Minolta 110 Zoom SLR

This unusually designed electronic camera was the very first SLR in the 110 movie layout to be launched. This uncommon form happened when Minolta took the level form of the regular 110 pocket electronic camera and also included a bigger lens and also prism bulge to it.

It flaunted a variety of various other functions consisting of aperture-priority autoexposure, direct exposure settlement and also enabled the usage of movie rates besides the ISO 100 and also 400 also.

E Magnuson [CC BY 2.0], using Flickr.com

Olympus AZ-4/ Ricoh Mirai

In 1988 Ricoh launched this curious-looking bridge electronic camera to market. It was co-created with Olympus and also was just one of the only autofocus SLR electronic cameras made by Ricoh.

This electronic camera included a style that made it look something like a cross in between a camera and also a projector and also was meant to use an advanced feeling backed by excellent specs. With a repaired 35– 135 mm zoom lens, an aperture of f/4.2 (vast) to f/5.6 (telephoto), shutter rates of 32 sec– 1/2000 sec, TTL autofocus it was absolutely an intriguing electronic camera for the time.

CASIO Europe GmbH

Casio Exilim TRYX/ TR100

This remarkable and also strange electronic camera from Casio included a swivelling and also rotatable structure with a touch-screen screen that enabled individuals to catch pictures from a selection of angle. It was likewise a portable and also super-slim electronic camera that was simple to make use of and also also less complicated to take with you on the move.


Canon Photura

The Canon Photura was a strangely designed Canon electronic camera that passed a number of various names consisting of the “Epoca” in Europe and also “Autoboy Jet” in Japan.

This electronic camera belonged to Canon’s Sure Shot electronic camera array and also had a 35-105 mm zoom lens with an effective integrated flash. This odd-looking electronic camera looks even more like a lantern than a cam, however is so cool it was picked for screen by the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Mattel Inc.


Video Girl Barbie was a point-of-view camera focused on children. This little electronic camera was developed right into a Barbie Girl version with the lens belonging to her locket.

An LCD viewfinder on her back enabled kids to see what they were taping and also Video Girl Barbie can taping upto 25 mins of video that can after that be moved to a COMPUTER. Unusual, if absolutely nothing else.


Ricoh GXR System

The Ricoh GXR is an uncommon enhancement to this listing as, where typical electronic cameras have actually either a repaired lens and also sensing unit or compatible lenses, this electronic camera takes compatible systems, each holding a sensing unit, lens and also photo handling engine. This enabled a number of advantages, consisting of each device having the ability to be optimized for certain photo jobs where various other electronic cameras would certainly all count on the very same sensing unit despite having various lenses.

The secured systems generated for this system likewise shielded the sensing unit from dirt, damages and also infects. There is an included expense naturally, which could place several off the acquisition.

Seitz Phototechnik

Seitz 6×17 Digital

This electronic camera is a cam that’s not a cam. It’s in fact a scanner that checks pictures really gradually and also requires to be placed on a stable surface area as a result of the slow-moving check times. It likewise calls for using coming with computer system devices and also batteries to make it function that make it quite expert. The Seitz 6×17 Digital obtained individuals thrilled back in 2006 when it assured 160 MP pictures for simply $40,000

John Kratz [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], using Wikimedia Commons

Petri Fotochrome

The Petri Fotochrome was an uncommon electronic camera with an eccentric style. This electronic camera mirrored the recorded photo onto the movie airplane that ran alongside the ground, therefore the electronic cameras uncommon style.

This style was a failing as it called for using exclusive movie that made it pricey and also challenging to make use of. The outcome was an impressive electronic camera that was a full loser and also can still be acquired today in its initial product packaging due to the fact that many were never ever made use of.

Ricoh Imaging.co., Ltd

Pentax ‘Korejanai’ K-x

This Pentax electronic camera saw an exceptionally minimal keep up simply 100 systems being produced and also marketed. The Pentax ‘Korejanai’ K-x was colourfully crafted to match the Korejanai Robot Model.

The colours were the only point that made it differ from the typical versions with both electronic camera body and also lens being or else the same to typical Pentax DA-L electronic cameras.

fotooehlmann11/ ebay.com

Ricoh LX-22 XOBBOX

This translucent electronic camera is likewise referred to as the XOBBOX, not to be puzzled with Microsoft’s video game console. It flaunted a clear covering which enabled individuals to see the internal functions of the electronic camera.

Of program, the movie chamber itself had not been translucent as it required defense from all-natural light. Still a remarkably uncommon electronic camera with a eccentric and also vibrant style.

Evan-Amos, using Wikimedia Commons

Game Boy Camera

The Game Boy Camera was launched as pocket electronic camera in the late 1990 s and also worked with all the Game Boy gadgets on the marketplace.

The electronic camera can catch black & & white electronic pictures utilizing the 4 colour combination of the Game Boy system however was a little eccentric and also not something that remained in high-demand. The firm discontinued manufacturing 4 years later on.


Pentax Optio NB1000

This weird-looking electronic camera collaborated with nanoblocks and also enabled individuals to produce their very own electronic camera styles by affixing blocks to the front of the electronic camera.

This electronic camera was avalable in a selection of colours and also can catching 14 MP pictures with a 4x optical zoom and also 3″ electronic screen. A strange electronic camera, remarkably developed for the innovative individuals out there.

SMaL Camera Technologies, Inc

SMaL Ultra-Pocket

The SMaL Ultra-Pocket is possibly best defined by the blurb from the firm’s web site:

” The Ultra-Pocket is the excellent entry-level electronic electronic camera for family members and also people that prefer a real pocket electronic camera without giving up price and also high quality. “When individuals see and also make use of the Ultra-Pocket, it prevails for them to respond with a ‘Wow!’ a minimum of two times,” stated Keith Fife, Vice President, Engineering, SMaL Camera Technologies. “The very first ‘wow’ is a response to the electronic camera’s ultra-thin dimension– essentially the dimension of a charge card and also just 0.2″ (6 mm) slim. The 2nd takes place when they see just how the Autobrite ™ innovation plainly catches the dark information of a scene while making sure that the brilliant areas never ever fill.”

The Ultra-Pocket flaunts sturdiness and also a streamlined silver shape. Its VGA resolution (300,000+ pixels) is optimal for sending out pictures using email or for uploading on the internet. The consisted of 8 MEGABYTES MultiMediaCard detachable memory can stand up to roughly 40 pictures. USB connection makes certain quick downloading and install and also connection with Windows. The electronic camera fits conveniently in your pocket, goes basically all over you go, and also uses straightforward point-and-click usage. With the Ultra-Pocket, it’s never ever been easier to share and also catch life’s pictures.”

Certainly some fascinating flaunts and also an eccentric little electronic camera that’s as slim as it is bonkers.

muchmorsales/ebay. com

Kowa TD-1

This electronic camera actually sticks out from the group. It’s a super-telephoto zoom electronic electronic camera that uses an incredible focal size from 450 to 1350 mm.

It has an SLR-style and also utilizes a remote shutter to reduce electronic camera shake which would certainly or else be a major trouble at such high zoom degrees.

rnc1omocha/Yahoo Japan Corporation

Sanyo IDC-1000 Z

The Sanyo IDC-1000 Z was a quite fascinating gadget when it was very first launched in 2000.

This electronic camera was absolutely non-traditional utilizing Magneto Optical discs to keep pictures. It just took 1.5 MP breaks with a 3 x zoom however absolutely consisted of an intriguing style.



This round electronic camera consists of 36 different lenses enclosed in a safety plastic covering. Each lens utilizes a 1/4″ sensing unit which enables the capture of a 108 MP 360- level photo when all the pictures are integrated. Incredible, certainly strange.

YI Technology

YI Technology HALO

This remarkable and also strange looking point is referred to as the YI Technology HALO. A video camera that sporting activities 17 various electronic camera components developed to catch 360- level sights and also every little thing around it.

At the time of composing among these monsters will certainly establish you back $17,000!


Gift Trenz Woodsum Pinhole Camera

What you’re checking out right here is a pinhole electronic camera. Which by itself is rather usual, however they’re not generally made from timber like the Gift Trenz Woodsum Pinhole Camera.

This electronic camera is likewise a DIY, construct it on your own 35 mm electronic camera that absolutely sticks out from the group. Unusual and also eccentric.


Lytro Illum Light Field Digital Camera

Another Lytro electronic camera makes it onto our listing. This is rather modern-day looking, however once again continues to be eccentric. This electronic camera has a set aperture and also can concentrate from 0 mm to infinity. Once more the resolution of its pictures are determined in megarays, not megapixels, which is rather strange by itself.


Asanuma Acmel License-4

This awesomely retro-styled electronic camera out of Japan and also was developed to enable the breaking of 4 key pictures at the very same time.

It likewise had a Polaroid support that made it able to provide the pictures in really double-quick time.


Pigeon electronic camera

Homing pigeons had actually been made use of thoroughly throughout the 19 th and also 20 th centuries. When male started explore airborne digital photography utilizing kites, it made good sense that at some point individuals would certainly count on birds as one more way of breaking pictures.

In 1907, Julius Neubronner, strapped a small timed-delayed electronic camera to a pigeon with a harness and also started generating genuine airborne pictures. A lengthy method from the drone digital photography these days, however the beginning.

Creating by Adrian Willings.

Adrian Willings.


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