Alternate Shells: linux

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I do not operate in IT, however I utilize zsh everyday for the previous 3 years (linux).

I’ve composed possibly 10 fundamental manuscripts. I utilize jetbrains IDE which utilizes shellcheck revealing POSIX concerns w/ the manuscript.

My perspective in the direction of POSIX is “Screw that old requirement. In 20 years that will not also matter. Do whatever you desire.”

From what I’ve read/seen you need to adhere to the POSIX requirement. rwxrob on shiver composes a lots of innovative celebration manuscripts and also constantly states, “ You need to constantly utilize dual braces on if declarations” If [[ $# -eq 0 ]]

; after that.

Well also he (rwxrob) transformed to creating POSIX certified covering manuscripts (making use of solitary [If declarations), for. He venerates celebration resting w/ it under his cushion.

You can run the command shellcheck-- covering= sh * to see if your manuscripts have POSIX concerns. I did that and also right here are concerns with my scripts.

/ u/oilshell.


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