COMPUTER memory use gradually raising, also when still

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About 2 weeks back, my Windows 10 Pro COMPUTER started securing after regarding 10 mins of usage, also if still. I began focusing on the job supervisor, as well as I saw the memory would certainly begin (after activating the computer) in the 20% array, and after that gradually raising. Issues generally began around 95% as well as the greatest I’ve seen it obtain is 97%. I do not recognize if that degree of memory use is regular, possibly it is as well as the securing is triggered by another thing

Since after that, I have actually changed virtually every little thing: motherboard, RAM, SSD, power supply, graphics card, as well as also included one more follower for much better air conditioning. This has actually repaired various other (apparently unconnected) problems I was having, yet the preliminary problem has actually stayed, though the impacts are not as negative. Rather than around 10 mins of usage after that securing, it offers regarding 30+ mins of usage after that some programs do not show appropriately and/or are currently unattainable (absolutely nothing takes place when I click them). It does not secure, as well as some programs maintain functioning, so it’s boosted, yet not completely repaired


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