European Union wants to obstruct Apple’s equipment ‘gatekeeping’: gizmos

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This raises an intriguing factor: why do producers require 47 various ports for one point? It’s not also standard within one firm.

Lvds link for a display? Great however the adapter is various for each laptop computer.

You intend to switch out that m. 2 disk? Bad luck unless you can locate one in our fashionable 22 x89 style.

We’re recycling the batteries from the phone we’ve been producing for 4 years in our latest phone? Yeah alright however we’re transforming the adapter.

I like standardization. To the extremely core of my gadget, I desire shit standard. I do not intend to need to turn around designer things or await some guy in China to do it. Much like with a COMPUTER, I intend to have the ability to enter into the regional technology store, acquire a couple of parts, and also have it function.

Why do we approve miniaturization as a justification for equipment locks and also exclusive technology? If Dell or any person presented a computer with their very own “lightning” connector it would certainly melt and also collapse and also I assure you the following version would certainly be back to PCIe, SATA, M. 2, and also USB like every person else.

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