Exactly How to Back-up TEXT Messages on Your Android Mobile Phone– Gizmos To Make Use Of

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Earlier, when individuals utilized to shed their phone, they would certainly not just shed the phone, they would certainly additionally shed all their information including their get in touches with, pictures, video clips, messages as well as all their memories. Your information such as pictures, video clips as well as get in touches with is saved on Google Drive theses days as well as also if you shed your phone, you can recover all your memories quickly.

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While it has actually ended up being much easier to backup as well as recover points like pictures, video clips as well as get in touches with, sms message are something that can not be supported immediately as well as Google has actually not supplied any kind of method to do it either.

If you intend to backup your messages to your Google drive, you can do so by utilizing a 3rd party application called SMS Backup+, which can be downloaded and install from the Google Play shop completely free. In this article, we will certainly inform you just how to quickly backup SMS messages quickly on your Android phone utilizing this application.

How to backup your sms message

What you require

The procedure to backup your messages to your Gmail account is relatively easy, as stated below–

  • First, login to your Gmail account from a computer system as well as make it possible for IMAP accessibility by mosting likely to Settings ->> Forwarding as well as POP/IMAP.

SMS Backup

  • Now, download and install the SMS Backup+ application from the Google Play Store.

SMS Backup+

  • Now, open up the application as well as you will certainly locate the adhering to alternatives.

Text Message

  • To support the sms message, you require to link your Gmail account in the application. To do this, activate the toggle switch on the Connect switch.

SMS Backup+

  • Once you activate the Connect toggle, you will certainly be asked to enable authorizations to the application. To do so, you require to click enable.

SMS Backup+

  • Once you offer the application authorizations, it will certainly ask you whether to backup the existing messages on your gadget or miss. Click Backup.

SMS Backup+

  • Now, the application will certainly ask you to enable it to send out as well as review SMS messages from your gadget. This is required to backup the messages so click enable.

SMS Backup+

  • Once you offer it review SMS approval, the back-up will certainly start as well as all your messages will certainly be supported to your Gmail account.

SMS Backup+

In this method, you can make it possible for SMS back-up on your phone. If you desire to, the application additionally permits you to transform on Automatic back-up. To access your messages in your Gmail account, all you require to do is login to Gmail from a computer system as well as click the brand-new SMS tag. You will certainly locate all your sms message right here.

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