Fail to remember GPUs! Mine Bitcoin With Game Boy + Raspberry Pi Pico

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Nothing is secure from cryptocurrency mining– not also 32- years of age technology. YouTuber stacksmashing (by means of TweakTown) has actually effectively repurposed his old Game Boy to extract Bitcoin. The mod will not transform you right into a millionaire over night, yet it does verify that you can show an old pet brand-new methods.

First of all, the modder made use of a conventional USB flash card to fill the his put together ROMs onto the Game Boy. If you’re interested in the software application facet of the task, the YouTuber describes it rather extensively in his video clip.

A web link is among one of the most fundamental needs for mining cryptocurrencies. Given That the Game Boy does not have cordless connection, the portable pc gaming console is incapable to interact with the Bitcoin network without the assistance of a center guy. That’s where the $4 Raspberry Pi Pico can be found in to the rescue.

The YouTuber changed a Nintendo Game Link Cable to work as the freeway for interaction. The trouble is that the voltage needs for the Raspberry Pi Pico as well as the Nintendo Game Link Cable are totally various. The Raspberry Pi Pico runs at 3.3 V, while the Nintendo Game Link Cable uses 5V reasoning degrees. Therefore, the modder carried out a basic four-channel, bi-directional reasoning shifter to do the voltage translation.

The bi-directional performance isn’t needed, yet it’s what the stacksmashing contended hand. The last arrangement locates the Game Boy attached to the Raspberry Pi Pico with the reasoning shifter with the Pico affixed to a COMPUTER, which is where the Internet link originates from.

The Game Boy is furnished with an 8-bit Sharp LR35902 cpu clocked at 4.18 MHz. The chip sets up an efficiency of about 0.8 hashes per secondly. For contrast, modern-day ASIC miners usually provide to 100 terahashes per secondly. The Game Boy is just 125 trillion times slower.

The estimations disclose that it would just take a pair quadrillion years to at some point extract a solitary Bitcoin. On the silver lining, ASIC miners are power-hungry beasts, while the Game Boy operates on 4 triple-A batteries.


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