[FOSS] Convert any type of command line tool/service right into a asynchronous REST API. [Python]: linux

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Hi, I am the writer of Flask-Shell2HTTP.

GitHub: https://github.com/Eshaan7/Flask-Shell2HTTP

A minimal Flask expansion that works as a RESTful/HTTP wrapper for python’s subprocess API.

  • Convert any type of command-line device right into a REST API solution.

  • Execute pre-defined covering regulates asynchronously and also firmly by means of flask’s endpoints with vibrant debates, documents upload, callback feature capacities.

  • Designed for binary to binary/HTTP interaction, growth, prototyping, remote and also more.

I would certainly suggest one to check out the little yet outlined documentation.

EDIT: This expansion’s major objective was a method to interact to binaries existing in micro-containers (docker) from our backend solution over at an additional FOSS job called Intel Owl.

/ u/16 withScars.


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