Google CEO Sundar Pichai protects Pixel group, claims “equipment is difficult”: devices

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As a person that is Google licensed as well as needs to fix their phones, I can inform you with assurance that the Pixel line has actually gone off the rails.

The Pixel 1-2 collection had their concerns yet absolutely nothing significant. Truly strong generally and also as a specialist I liked them apart from the display … extremely slim as well as extremely challenging to get rid of without damages. Still have great deals of consumers coming in for battery swaps on initial Pixels that they enjoy.

At the 3 collection points began to go southern. The layout began obtaining unessecarily difficult, as well as susceptible to all type of unusual failings if a solitary cable television had not been transmitted in a particular means. The quality assurance of the production plainly could not manage the demands of the extremely intricate gadget.

Then there was the 3a collection. As well as it was fucking AWESOME. Like they had combined every little thing great from every various other layout they had actually made as well as coupled it with the outstanding electronic camera out of the 3. Offered me really hope.

But after that came the Pixel 4. The scourge of my presence as a specialist. It is one of the most RIDICULOUSLY MADE CELLPHONE EVER. It’s like they worked with a group of the very best designers as well as provided every one part to layout, and afterwards had an autistic pundit identify just how to in some way incorporate them all right into one structure in one of the most complicated means feasible.

Its not surprising that they’re a warm mess of integrity concerns. I need to commit a whole fricking table simply to the 40 approximately unique devices as well as jigs as well as placement gears as well as presses simply required to deal with the Pixel 4. Changing a display on one calls for no much less that 20 components. Its chaos.

For recommendation an S20 Ultra 5G display takes around 30 mins to fix. Pixel 4 takes THREE HOURS minimum. Just one of the most skilled as well as elderly specialist on website is also permitted to touch the important things.

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