Is NVIDIA Optimus equipment still troublesome for any person nowadays? (Personal experience as well as standard): linux

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Countless times, whenever I see individuals requesting for equipment suggestions on r/linux or various other subreddits, I see a view comparable to, “obtain anything other than an Optimus laptop computer, they’re right stuff of headaches that will certainly make you shout in the evening, pleading for the fatality of every NVIDIA exec.”

And, to be reasonable, I assume that was totally real years earlier, I’ve listened to the narratives of unusably-bad efficiency, damaged arrangements, and so on, however I simply attempted it for the very first time on Debian 11 by changing my COMPUTER over to utilizing onboard Intel graphics and afterwards attempting to utilize my NVIDIA card via the various Optimus methods, as well as the outcomes were rather suitable.

The very first point I attempted was utilizing the offload capability that’s developed right into the vehicle driver. In this instance, there’s no unique procedure. If I got on a fresh Debian mount, I would certainly simply require to mount the “nvidia-driver” plan like regular. In my instance, I currently had it mounted (as well as it really did not damage my Intel graphics!), so I simply established a pair atmosphere variables:

The 2nd point I attempted was Bumblebee, which is evidently an additional name that strikes worry right into the hearts of males. I mounted “bumblebee-nvidia” as well as “primus-nvidia” as recorded for Debian here, I attempted running my video games with Optirun as well as Primusrun both, whatever functioned as anticipated as well as the efficiency was constantly the like when I made use of the PRIME Render Offload. I assume Optirun as well as Primusrun are utilizing the very same backend though, if I attempted to require VirtualGL after that it stated it was not available, so it was Primus at work for both commands.

Vulkan is also less complex because I can simply pick the ICD with an envvar and afterwards it utilizes the matching card. Or if I was utilizing Bumblebee, after that primusrun is set up to help Vulkan applications in Debian the like OpenGL applications. I do not also need to remember a various command or take notice of what graphics API a video game is utilizing.

Finally, for the huge examination: I ran Unigine Valley 3 times on Ultra setups at 1080 p. As Soon As with PRIME Offload, when with Primus, as well as when with simply … utilizing the card as my primary outcome, as opposed to the onboard Intel graphics. I intended to see if the “Optimus damages your Linux efficiency” bogeyman was as poor as they declare.

For Primus, the typical FPS was 20.1

For PRIME Render Offload, the typical FPS was 21.5

For utilizing it as my primary outcome, the typical FPS was 21.8

Okay, yes, that’s poor. I have a GTX 750 Ti, I’m not anticipating a lot. It’s constantly poor, there’s barely any kind of deterioration in between utilizing it frequently as well as utilizing it like it’s component of an Optimus arrangement in laptop computer. After listening to all the scary tales, seeing such a tiny distinction was complicated. As well as all of these approaches were exceptionally straight-forward to allow as well as utilize, I really did not face any kind of odd insects or visible latency. I’m certain there are some catches, however in fundamental use, it simply appears great.

Is there still any kind of significant reason an individual would certainly wish to prevent an Optimus laptop computer in 2021, as long as they’re utilizing a modern-day distro?

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