ISASTM Runs Vintage Cards Over USB

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The ISA bus is an antique of the remote past, as well as no more sustained by the COMPUTER mainstream. Beyond retro enthusiasts as well as likely some long-lasting commercial individuals, it’s almost neglected. That hasn’t quit [Manawyrm] from hacking away, nevertheless, and he’s developed a nifty adapter for the modern era.

Still in its beginning of advancement, the ISASTM is a ISA-over-USB adapter that permits a modern-day computer system to collaborate with older development cards. Operating on an STM32 H743, as well as utilizing the microcontroller’s indigenous USB1 user interface, the ISASTM card has the ability to be slotted right into a backplane in order to deal with numerous cards with one adapter. [Manawyrm] shows the equipment by running Monkey Island 1 in the PCem emulator, with sound provided by an AdLib ISA soundcard.

There are some throughput problems, which [Manawyrm] intends to resolve by changing to USB2 as well as making some enhancements as well as tweaks to the code. No matter, it’s an excellent device that we think of can have some usage in maintaining some tradition equipment to life, also. By the way, it’s been a long while because we’ve seen a strong ISA hack around these components. Video clip after the break.

[Thanks to tsys for the tip!]


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