Issue after constructing my COMPUTER components

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Hello everybody,

I have an Asus Desktop G11 CD-K COMPUTER (the K is for Kabylake variation) wich i taken apart to cleanse all its components (consisting of Graphic card follower, its Processor and also cpu follower and also by changing its thermal paste, as well as additionally its front elements).

After cleansing, I constructed it appropriately, however to be sincere i did not believe that i made use of all the appropriate screws, however i picked it by its placeholder kind and also area.

When i activated my COMPUTER, i discovered that CPU follower, Graphic Fan, PSU and also HDD functioned well, however all various other components did not function, like back-fan, all USB peripherics and so on.

I attempted all opportunities: taking apart and also re-assembling once again, altering RAM to various port, eliminating some components detailed to see if something can make a modification. Absolutely nothing is job for me.

I reset my CMOS also, however the problem still existing.

ultimately, i connected my usb computer mouse and/or my usb key-board, i see that some diodes of these 2 elements lights for some time (a portion of secs) after that it switched off once again to ensure that i recognize there is a get in touch with however i do not understand what is the trouble once again.

Since i’m truly certain that i did not do something incorrect and also i did never ever utilize my pressure to take apart or put together elements,

I do not understand what take place.

What can be a reason for this sort of issues? if it could that my motherboard is harmed because instance? if of course, exactly how visuals card follower functions after that?

please can a person assist me keeping that?

many thanks

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