Just how to alter network from public to exclusive making use of PowerShell in Windows 11

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The network link has actually come to be really important for any type of computer system as well as it opens up the portal to the net. The Windows 11 running system provides to establish various network account kinds with particular setups to boost safety or share documents, printers, as well as various other sources in the network.

There are essentially 3 sorts of accounts– Private, Public, as well as Domain. When a gadget is signed up with to the domain name, the Private as well as Public are offered for all computer systems while the Domain account is just offered.

In the Private account, which is implied for relied on networks, the computer system ends up being visible as well as enables sharing documents, printers, as well as various other sources. On the various other hand, the general public account makes the gadget unseen in the neighborhood network as well as this kind is advised for many areas, consisting of public areas. The Domain account will certainly be established instantly when the computer system signs up with an Active Directory domain name.

If you are trying to find a method to alter the account kind for a network that has actually currently been established, after that you go to the ideal area. In this detailed overview, we will certainly reveal you exactly how to alter the network account kind making use of PowerShell on Windows 11 computer system.

How to alter network account kind making use of PowerShell in Windows 11

Step 1: Open the PowerShell device on your Windows 11 computer system. For this, click the Start switch and after that look for “PowerShell.” From the search results page, choose the “Run as manager” choice for the application.

Step 2: In the PowerShell home window, go into the adhering to command:


Step 3: Confirm the network’s account key in the NetworkCategory area (InterfaceAlias).

Step 4: To alter the network account kind, go into the adhering to command:

 Set-NetConnectionProfile -Name "NETWORK-NAME" -NetworkCategory TYPE


Make certain that you change the “NETWORK-NAME” in the command with the real name of your network link as well as alter the “TYPE” to Private if you intend to alter the network account from public to exclusive. The command additionally takes the DomainAuthenticated kind on a domain-joined computer system.

That’s it. The setups will use promptly to the link as well as firewall program setups as soon as you have actually implemented the command by adhering to the prior actions.


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