Laptop Computer Monitor Screen have lines, blood loss, gloomy as well as shade distortion

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HP Pavilion dv6426 us
Running System: Microsoft Windows XP
Expert variation
2002 Service Pack 3
Cpu: Intel Core Duo 2 GHz (T2450 CPU)
Memory: 1GB RAM
Video Card: Intel GMA 950
Hard Disk Drives: 160 GB HDD

I have an older laptop computer, it was a present from my papa throughout my 1st year Highschool around 2008, so its vital to me.

Now returning to the trouble, I have actually discovered that my Laptop Screen have some lines, hemorrhaging as well as gloomy or shade distortion. My problem, Is it secure to utilize the laptop computer, am I creating problems utilizing on that particular state? I just utilize this laptop computer for supporting my pictures as well as various other documents, doing MS Word, Excel, and so on as well as in some cases play songs as well as video clips. Since of monetary things,
As for fixing I dunno when.

My Laptop remained in the closet, we been far from our house practically 1 year due to the lockdown. I did not place or lay any kind of items over my laptop computer. I discovered the modifications simply today.

I have actually affixed pictures of my Laptop Screen.

Thank you.


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