Made a decision to stop home windows after I obtained fed up with its ‘back-up as well as bring back’: linux

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I had actually done the procedure a number of times previously, its quite easy, to set up a larger SSD right into the laptop computer. Windows has that quite cool ‘back-up as well as bring back’ function, as well as like I claim, I had actually done it a number of times previously.

Well, this time around was various. Windows would certainly not bring back, few the number of methods I attempted, re-mounting drives as well as dividings, taking a look at the EFI setups in the biographies. Windows would certainly not discover the picture that it had actually simply produced on my hard disk drive – what fucking bullshit! The back-up as well as bring back simply entirely shit the bed on me. I do have a photo that ought to be great on a hard disk drive, it sure would certainly behave to obtain my profile as well as images back at some time. At this factor, I am so fucking over messing with home windows as well as simply exactly how fucking dumb it is, as well as exactly how dumb I am for believing it would certainly all function.

Anyways, I’m happily stunned on exactly how swiftly I had the ability to obtain Ubuntu up on my COMPUTER. Appears a great deal much less lightweight. Looks tidy. I wish it deals with my equipment OK.

/ endrant

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