Managing rekordbox collections/playlist by Linux software program : linux

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Hiya all,

I take advantage of rekordbox for some events a few occasions yearly. i used to have a macbook, so i used to be managing my playlists by rekordbox however as properly with itunes, utilizing the power of rekordbox to learn itunes playlist.

I am now switching to a linux laptop computer. So i am dualbooting Linux Mint, holding Home windows virtually just for rekordbox.

Have you learnt a approach to hear and create playlist with linux (by way of rhythmbox for instance), which might be imported routinely when i open rekordbox in home windows ?

I’ve a shared partition Ubuntu/w10 with my music.

Some chance i think about however none seems to be superior (i name “software program” the tender in Linux for instance rhythmbox possibly ?)

  • Rekordbox can import .xml libray of itunes, so a software program which use the identical format can produce an .xml, and that i point out this xml to rekordbox as an tunes xml. Drawback : i am unable to learn the rekordbox playlist within the software program (however i can cease creating playlist in rekordbox and use solely the software program)

  • OR i discover a approach than the software program produce m3U playlist in a folder, and that rekordbox can sync this playlists (nota : its doable in rekordbox to export playlist in .M3UA format )

  • OR possibly one thing utilizing the XML playlist options

Thanks to your assist ! I attempted to publish in rekordbox discussion board as properly however cant create a publish, and reddit is extra open than the normal “there can be no rekordbox on linux”.

ps2: not considerating utilizing Mixxx for now !



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