Memory Usage contrast in between GNOME & AwesomeWM in Ubuntu [TABLE]: linux

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Ubuntu mounted some weeks back. Just mounted applications (from proper) are google-chrome-beta, htop & & vscode. I gauged memory use in htop with each applications opened up individually.

Hardware age: 7yrs.

Total memory: 3.74 gigabytes

CPU: Intel i3 G2020 @ 2.90 GHz

Apps GNOME (megabytes) AwesomeWM (megabytes)
Just after login 732 411
LibreOffice Writer 880 570
Thunderbird 878 599
Firefox 1.04 gigabytes 710
Shotwell 790 511
2mins after above application shut 720 456

I do recognize the distinction in between home window supervisors as well as desktop computer atmosphere. It simply shows that making use of simply a home window supervisors gives a substantial benefit over DE on reduced equipment. Ofcoure I can decrease it down additionally with Arch or gentoo, yet we will certainly see it in the following episode of my GNU/Linux experience. I do not understand KDE contrasts. Up until after that, remarkable is remarkable.

Can’t show making use of Chrome, as it has some 300 tabs open (724 tabs open in Chrome Canary in mobile – my bad Andoid:–LRB-

/ u/ _ djs.


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