Nike’s newest FlyEase footwear slides on without shoelaces, bands or zippers

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Since 2015, Nike has actually launched obtainable efficiency footwear under its FlyEase line, as well as the brand-new Go FlyEase takes points also better. This set does not simply change shoelaces with a zipper as well as band, as well as unlike the footwear made for Seattle POUND Shaquem Griffin, it does not also call for one hand to place on.

Nike FlyEase Go


Thanks to a bi-stable joint as well as midsole tensioner, the footwear is solid sufficient to put on for sports tasks or sportswear, however can take place your foot hands-free. Whether your problem is any type of impairments that stop flexing over as well as downfall bolts, or simply getting out of the footwear at the end of the day without touching it, this tennis shoe has various other health and fitness wear beat.


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Putting them on is simply an issue of entering the footwear, as the joint as well as tightener do all the job. To take them off, you utilize your various other foot to hold back the “kickstand” heel as well as get out of the footwear. According to Nike the Go FlyEase will certainly set you back $120 when it takes place sale for “choose” participants beginning February 15 th, prior to it comes to be a lot more extensively readily available later on this year.


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