Northrop’s satellite tv for pc refueling spacecraft launches on October ninth

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A second spacecraft, MEV-2, will assist one other Intelsat satellite tv for pc in 2020 and may have the identical quantity of leftover gasoline. Each MEVs are versatile, too. They will dock with 80 p.c of present geostationary satellites, even when they weren’t designed for servicing.

If the MEV program ramps up, NASA may purchase its providers going ahead. The company is working by itself in-orbit service tech, similar to refueling for satellites in low-Earth orbit.

Refueling autos like this might be important going ahead. They’d cut back the necessity for substitute satellites, in fact, however they might additionally allow missions that would not be sensible with current satellite tv for pc lifespans. Scientists may conduct longer-term research, for example. Whereas satellites ideally would not want gasoline within the first place, that is one step nearer to creating them extra sustainable.


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