Should i usage linux?: linux

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If you’ve obtained a fairly great COMPUTER you can simply mount an excellent strong variation (” circulation” or “distro”) like Linux Mint Cinnamon as well as have at it. You can “twin boot” as well as mount it along side of your Windows OS (I do not suggest * twin booting yet a great deal of people do it).

Mint is very easy to mount: You simply download and install the ISO data from the Mint site, “flash” the ISO to a USB stick, enter into your BIOS as well as establish it too from the USB, boot from the USB as well as either fiddle around with Mint or mount it adhering to the installer guidelines (allow the installer do the dividing, and so on). If you require much more information, there are deposits of YouTube video clips regarding setting up Linux.

* I suggest obtaining an additional COMPUTER, possibly reconditioned, as well as mount Linux on that particular. You can share the key-board, computer mouse as well as screen with a KVM button. Functions excellent.

/ u/SuperUnhappySnail.


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