Strive the brand new Obarun-Linux October photographs (minimal/base or JWM) : linux

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Obtain the newest Obarun Iso reside photographs for October 2019 2019.10.01 version

You will want the next person/password combos to log in to the reside photographs:

login: root password: toor
login: oblive password: toor

To set the keyboard in your preffered language you need to use these instructions. The default is english “us”, substitute “fr” within the instructions along with your preffered keyboard code.

For the X-session, X terminals,

$ setxkbmap fr

For console keyboard change use this:

# loadkeys fr

Obtain hyperlinks: Test sums after you end obtain with:

$ cat md5sums.txt 
$ md5sum obarun-*.iso

… and examine the codes.

obarun-base-2019.10.01 Base no X Obarun Linux
obarun-JWM-2019.10.01 JWM window supervisor reside iso

Please report any issues or bugs on the obarun discussion board or the irc channel

#Obarun   on chat.freenode.internet

kernel: linux-arch-5.three.1

init: s6

service administration: 66 zero.2.1.2-Four



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