Surface Area Pro X: How to update the SSD in a couple of easy actions

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Pro X Ssd Swap Open Source: Daniel Rubino/ Windows Central

For proprietors of Surface Pro X (or Surface Laptop 3) the capacity to update storage space with very little job is a brand-new perk to the Surface line.

But what regarding the information around such a treatment? What devices do you require? Should you re-paste the thermal room for the SSD? And also exactly how do you obtain Windows 10 on the brand-new SSD?

All these inquiries as well as even more are responded to in this brand-new overview on exactly how (as well as why) you might wish to update your SSD for Surface Pro X.

Before we start, allow us talk about why you wish to update the interior storage space to Surface Pro X.

There are 2 factors to think about, with the very first being one of the most apparent:

  1. You desire extra interior storage space
  2. You desire a faster SSD

The very first factor is self-evident. You got a Surface Pro X with 128 or 256 GB of storage space, as well as you desire extra. Possibly you desire 512 GB or perhaps 1TB.

A faster SSD is much less of a factor to update, as well as must be viewed as even more of a side advantage. Microsoft ships Surface Pro X with a “BG3” M. 2 2230 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive Internal SSD. Toshiba/Kioxia currently has a BG4 variation. On a technological degree, BG4 modifications from 64 L to 96 L TLC NAND with 4 PCIe lanes (rather than 2) as well as can increase ability to 1TB for the very first time in this type variable. And also while BG4 does not have DRAM, which is discovered on even more standard (as well as bigger) SSDs, it does utilize the Host Memory Buffer (HMB) function. Anandtech does an exceptional deep study the enhanced layout.

The lower line is a Toshiba/Kioxia BG4 M. 2 2230 PCIe SSD will certainly have quicker check out as well as compose rates over the typical BG3 version. The catch is that searching for a BG4 M. 2 2230 SSD is hard. Toshiba/Kioxia do not (yet) market BG4 M. 2s straight to customers. Rather, it is an OEM component that should be acquired with company networks like Dell, or, if you are smart, on, where they remain in brief supply. The trick is to utilize the item SKU to locate the variation you desire:

  • KBG40 ZNS128 G TOSHIBA BG4 128 G PCI-E NVME 2230 SSD (CLASS 35)
  • KBG40 ZNS256 G TOSHIBA BG4 256 G PCI-E NVME 2230 SSD (CLASS 35)
  • KBG40 ZNS512 G TOSHIBA BG4 512 G PCI-E NVME 2230 SSD (CLASS 35)

Assuming you wish to boost the storage space as well as obtain faster rates, you will certainly wish to look for KBG40 ZNS256 G(256 GB), KBG40 ZNS512 G(512 GB) or KBG40 ZNS1T02(1TB). Rates at the time of composing is around $50 for 256 GB, $85 for 512 GB as well as over $300 for 1TB.

Of training course, you might locate a 512 GB BG3 2230 drive if you do not appreciate a tiny efficiency increase.

For this tutorial, I am updating from 256 GB BG3 to Toshiba 512 GB BG4 (KBG40 ZNS512 G).

This upgrade’s total problem is very easy to small. It obtains extra complex if you have actually never ever made a healing drive since you require to re-install Windows 10.

There are just a few devices required to exchange out the Surface Pro X SSD, however they are vital:

Thermal paste, a spying device, as well as scrubing alcohol is not necessary as it relies on exactly how comprehensive you wish to be with the substitute. Microsoft ships its SSD in a steel room for defense, operating furthermore as a warmth sink. It utilizes a percentage of thermal paste sandwiched in between the covering as well as the drive. SSDs normally do not create that much warm (contrasted to a CPU or GPU), so the advantage is most likely very little.

Some individuals place the M. 2 SSD straight, however it might rattle because of it being thinner without the room. Individuals can include a shim to quit the rattle or place the brand-new SSD right into the old room with (or without) including the thermal paste.

For this tutorial, I will certainly re-use the steel room as well as re-paste the thermal substance.

Surface Pro X: Making a Windows 10 Recovery Drive

Since the substitute SSD does not have an OS, you will certainly require to re-install Windows 10 after the swap. The simplest method is to pack Microsoft’s main Surface Pro X healing data to a USB drive as this offers you all the needed vehicle drivers for Surface Pro X. Doing so brings back Surface Pro X to its manufacturing facility state.

  1. Format the USB thumb drive by right-clicking on the drive in File Explorer as well as selecting Format
  2. Use Fat32 for the data system as well as utilize the default allotment dimension.
  3. Download the 6.4 GB of Surface Pro X Recovery Files by going into in your Surface Pro X identification number
  4. Unzip as well as remove all the Surface Pro X Recovery Files to the USB drive.

Put the thumb drive sideways in the meantime, as it will certainly be utilized after we exchange the SSD.

Surface Pro X: Swapping the SSD

Now that we have the alternative SSD as well as needed devices, we can start changing the Surface Pro X’s storage space. Please guarantee you have actually supported any type of data, images, video clips, or papers prior to eliminating the old SSD.

  1. Power down Surface Pro X
  2. Open the back SIM/SSD panel discovered under the kickstand making use of a SIM device.
    Pro X Ssd Swap Open
  3. Use the T3 Torx screwdriver to get rid of the solitary screw holding in the SSD.
    Pro X Ssd Swap Open
  4. Gently raise the SSD up at a small angle as well as take out from the M. 2 port.
    Pro X Ssd Swap Open

If you do not prepare to re-use the SSD steel room, you might move in the brand-new SSD as well as protect it with the holding screw. When finished, proceed to the following area on re-installing Windows 10.

If you wish to re-use the SSD room (as well as re-paste it), remain to these actions:

  1. Using a slim spying device or X-ACTO blade, carefully tease apart the room beginning with each side.
    Pro X Ssd Swap Case Pry
  2. Remove the old SSD.
    Pro X Ssd Swap Case Pry
  3. Remove old thermal paste making use of scrubing alcohol as well as Q-Tips.
    Pro X Ssd Swap Case Paste Old
  4. Remove the label/sticker from the brand-new SSD.
    Pro X Ssd Swap Case Sticker
  5. Add a small decrease of thermal paste to the top of the SSD (1/2 a pea).
    Pro X Ssd Swap Case Paste
  6. Gently smooth the paste around the whole black location of the SSD.
    Pro X Ssd Swap Case Paste
  7. Put the SSD back right into the room as well as shut it, gently pushing the sides to kink it in position
  8. Reinsert SSD room right into Surface Pro X protecting it with the solitary collection screw
  9. Replace back room door

Please do not include a great deal of thermal paste as it is not purely required. Neither do you require costly thermal paste, as this is not a high-performance CPU. You desire a extremely slim layer when expanded, as way too much paste beats the objective.

Once finished, you must conserve the old SSD. If you send out in your Surface Pro X for a Microsoft service warranty insurance claim since it damages, you’ll wish to return the initial drive as well as maintain your after-market acquisition as you might not obtain it returned.

Surface Pro X: Reinstalling Windows 10

Now that the brand-new SSD remains in area, you require to re-install Windows10 It is suggested to have Surface Pro X connected in for Air Conditioning power throughout this procedure.

  1. Insert the USB thumb drive right into Surface Pro X
  2. Press as well as hold power as well as quantity down (-) switches at the very same time
  3. When the Surface logo design shows up on display launch just the power switch


  4. Continue to hold the quantity down (-) trick for 10 secs up until the healing food selection shows up
  5. From heaven Windows healing food selection pick your language
    Pro X Ssd Swap Boot
  6. On the following display, pick Recover from a drive
    Pro X Ssd Swap Boot
  7. Follow the remainder of the triggers to re-install Windows 10

Reinstalling Windows 10 must just take around 10 mins. You will certainly wish to look for updates making use of the Windows updater to obtain the most recent vehicle drivers as well as variation of Windows 10 as well as upgrade your applications.

Surface Pro X SSD Upgrade: Results

Upgrading the Surface Pro X SSD brought 2 improvements. Storage space dimension enhanced from 256 GB to 512 GB, which is the bottom line of this upgrade. While 1TB would certainly have behaved, the $300 cost as well as my demands did not require such an acquisition. Still, it is amazing to have the choice if you require it.

Additionally, storage space efficiency enhanced, which is gotten out of the enhanced Toshiba BG4 drive.

When running Windows 10 as well as introducing applications,

Read efficiency is what you experience. Create efficiency is when you contact disk for developing huge data, setting up apps/games, as well as moving information– that is, it is rarer. With the brand-new BG4 consecutive reviews went from 1,943 MB/s to 2,302 MB/s. The even more substantial adjustment is in consecutive compose efficiency, which leapt from 718 MB/s to 1,545 MB/s, which is significant.

While consecutive rates did see a substantial bump, arbitrary read as well as compose did not.

The efficiency boost rates however likewise not game-changing. Games as well as applications will certainly pack a smidge quicker, the system will certainly be extra receptive, however it likewise does not influence the total efficiency measurably.

Overall, this is an enjoyable as well as very easy upgrade for Surface Pro X. It’s excellent to see Microsoft accept a much more modular strategy to its Surface line. I want to see such alterations pertain to various other Surface gadgets in the future.

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