Top 13 SSL Certificate Providers

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SSL certificates are a contingency on any website nowadays, where critical information is common and exchanged. The Secure Socket Layer protects a information common from your browser with a remote server and prohibits any other website or device form inserted or interpreting a data.

There are several forms of SSL certificates.

1. Extended Validation

High finish and latest browsers now commend a EV SSL certificates. These assure a aloft turn of confidence and a extended underline is highlighted with a coming of a immature bar.

2. Wildcard SSL

The wildcard SSL allows we to secure some-more than one of a sub-domains. You can secure and as well.

3. Regular SSL

The unchanging SSL helps in securing a website though a confidence is lower. Usually don’t cost many compared to EV SSL or wildcard SSL.

There are also certain provider who offer Email SSL and UCC / SAN SSL solutions too.

Here are tip websites to get SSL certificate for your online business. Please note, cost for SSL certificates mentioned subsequent might change as we have beheld it opposite from one reseller to another and even company’s possess website.

1. Verisign

Recently they altered their name again to “Norton cumulative seals” for their SSL certificate products. One of a many devoted brand. Used by many large companies.

The secure site, pro and EV site and Pro EV site SSL certificates are labelled during $335, $739, $998, and $1298 respectively. The encryption for a unchanging secure site is 40/256-bit encryption while a many costly package for Pro EV SSL certificates offers 128/156-bit encryption and additional facilities including $1.5 million warranty, pointer in hunt and SGC enabled certificate.

2. Geotrust

The sites SSL certificates start during $9.49 for a RapidSSL that offers confidence for one domain. You can also try their 30 day hearing program. The certificates are renouned among tiny businesses and startup websites due to low cost. The encryption is 128/256 bit. This is followed by a fast SSL Wildcard that offers a $5000 guaranty for $126.88 per year. The Quick SSL and Premium Quick SSL certificates that have an total re-issuance process are charity during $45.95/year and $90.95/year respectively.

3. Comodo

The certain SSL and certain wildcard SSL certificates are labelled during $7.95 for certain SSL and $85 per year for a wildcard SSL. Comodo is another renouned actor in SSL providers. They also have a essential SSL and essential SSL furious label certificates during $21 and $91 per annum, respectively. License for a essential SSl is current over total earthy servers.

4. Thawte

Thawate again offers 4 SSL certificates – a initial one is a Thawte SSL certificate charity during $29 per year, that secures one domain. However, there is no paperwork concerned and a declaration is low. They offer a pointer for use. The subsequent in line are a Thawte Web Server SSL, Thawte Web Server EV SSL and a Thawte SGC supercerti charity during $90, $399, and $315 per year respectively, and charity a aloft turn of security.

4. Digicert

Digicerti offers furious label and SSL during $475/yr for one domain, one communications during $279 for mixed website domains, SSL Plus during $156 and Extended Validation for $234 per year. The Digicerti organisation assures high turn of confidence with 2048-bit SSL encryption.

5. Godaddy

GoDaddy, a heading domain registration company, offer customary SSL and Deluxe SSL certificates labelled during $69.9 and $89.99 per year. The skeleton and facilities can offer be customized if we wish to accommodate some-more than one domain on a confidence list. Additionally, they offer all day patron support and secure total servers.

6. Entrust

Standard certificate starts from $147/year. Offer SSL certificates given 1994. They now offer some-more than 4000 organisations from 60 countries. They offer Standard, EV, Multi-domain and Wildcard certificates along with few others.

7. Globalsign

Global pointer – a GMO internet organisation – offers confidence and SSL certificates opposite a array of websites. Over a operation of products, their SSL certificates are famous for flawlessness and trust. They offer Domain SSL starting during $249 and veteran organizational SSL during $349 a year. The extended SSl that activates a immature SSL bar can be done accessible for $899 a year. Multiple domains and wildcard on a other hand, can be availed during $348 per year. Global pointer enjoys trust and inflection in a marketplace share for SSL certificates.

8. Network Solutions

Network resolution – a domain registrar and a web hosting provider association also offers SSL certificates to their customers. SSL package Xpress starts from $49.99/yr with 4 year term. They offer modernized package for $149.99/yr, Wildcard for $494.00 and Extended for $399.50/yr. All SSL certificate they sell offers upto 256-bit Encryption, pledge from $10000 (for Xpress) to $1 million for Extended. Free site pointer and live support.

9. Open SSL

Open SSL is a plan being grown in sequence benefaction an open source apparatus pack implementing SSL and ride covering security. They have a library of calm and a plan is run by volunteers opposite a globe. The program is strongly cryptographic and has openSSL versions for download.

10. TrustWave

Trustwave is headquartered in Chicago, USA and founded in 1995. Basic package starts from $97.67/yr and upto $383.00/yr for EV SSL. They offer Free Lifetime Reissuance, 30 days income behind policy, upto $5,00,000 guaranty and website trust seal.

12. StartSSL

Offers StartSSL, StartSSL is a heading product of StartCom Certification Authority. You can get a Free 128-256-bit encryption with 1 year validity. StartSSL accurate package starts from $59.90/year. They offer EV SSL for $199.90. They don’t yield Wildcard SSL or other SSL solutions.

13. SwissSign

A auxiliary association of SwissPost, Founded in 2001 and acquired by Swiss post in 2005. SwissSSL offers all form of SSL certificates including standard, EV SSL, Wildcard, UCC / SAN SSL and Email SSL. Lowest price, 1-year SSL Silver Certificate starts from $199/year and can go upto $799.00 for SSL Gold.


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