Top 20 Sites to Create a Blog

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It was not prolonged ago that formulating a website was one of a unwieldy tasks. Now, though, formulating a blog or a website has turn that most easier with a appearance of many giveaway blogging platforms. Each blogging height has a possess advantages and disadvantages.

This list aims to move out some of a best giveaway blogging platforms accessible today.


This is a renouned blogging height that is widely used to run a blog for free. WordPress offers notation tracking collection for research of a trade to a blog. It is probable to go for a singular character with countless themes on offer. It is intensely easy to supplement multimedia to a blog, while WordPress offers a higher spam insurance technique. also offer giveaway program download if we wish to download and implement on possess server.

2. Blogger

This free blogging height is supposing by Google given a merger in 2003. Blogger is accessible in several languages for bloggers from around a world. Blogger and other sources yield several templates to select for a blog. This height provides giveaway statistics about a visitors. Pyra Labs essentially combined this height before being acquired by Google.

3. LiveJournal

LiveJournal is a giveaway blogging height charity by SUP Media. The height has been accessible given 1999. This is an open source height and it claims to have some-more than 50 million journals. LiveJournal is totally giveaway and it is accessible in 32 opposite languages. Social networking is a vital underline of this blogging platform.

4. TypePad

Offered by SAY Media, this giveaway blogging height has been online given 2003. It supports templates and themes like WordPress and blogger. It also offers mobile blogging and imitation pity features. TypePad blogs can support mixed authors.

5. Weebly

Weebly offers a drag-and-drop website builder functionality along with hosting features. This height offers a ability to select from some-more than 100 designs. The height has an iPhone app for mobile blogging. Weebly supports all forms of multimedia like videos and images.

6. offers a giveaway height for formulating a blog, that can be customised with a countless themes available. Blogs can be spruced adult with a operation of widgets available. blogs can support mixed offers, while facilities like Google analytics can also be integrated.

7. Tumblr

This is a microblogging height that is totally free. The site claims to have supposing platforms for some-more than 60 million blogs. Mobile microblogging is also upheld by an app on a Apple App Store.

8. Posterous

Posterous offers a elementary and giveaway blogging platform. This site has been online given 2008. It supports pity images and videos. Mobile blogging is also upheld by iPhone and android applications. Posterous offers a ability to control viewership.


This is a giveaway blogging height that also doubles adult as a amicable networking site. Online given 1998, Xanga allows users to post weblogs or photologs. The site recently started usurpation video blogs and audio blogs. Two reward skeleton are also accessible on Xanga.

10. Edublog

This is a blog that essentially serves for educational purposes. It is mostly used for communication between teachers and students in a classroom scenario. The site claims to have some-more than 1.5 million users. The height can be used to emanate a contention board.

11. TravelBlog

Offers total entries, videos and photos with giveaway account. They also offer transport community. The site explain to have 200000 members and 600000 entries on their network. Site is online given 2002.

12. TravelPod

This is a blogging site that offers a height for travellers to refurbish their experiences. It offers a ability to imitation a blog as a book. A mobile app allows blogging on a go. The site allows users to map their outing opposite a world.


Offers giveaway blog hosting use and partial of Populis GmbH. The site in online given 2005 and charity giveaway blog origination services and community. They also offer many other familiar extensions like,, and with particular internal languages.

14. BlogSome

Blogsome is a elementary blogging height that offers giveaway hosting as well. Users can emanate a blog within a minute, while personalisation is supposing by a choice of themes available. This site supports imitation pity once photos are uploaded.

15. Blogetery

Blogetery offers giveaway hosting for a WordPress blogs. It provides a giveaway domain name along with countless reward themes. The site offers some-more than 50 reward plug-ins for enhancing a functionality of a WordPress platform. Premium skeleton are also accessible on Blogetery.

16. N.Nu

N.Nu provides users with a ability to start a website during no cost. The blogs are supposing with a singular domain name. It is intensely elementary to set adult and use. N.Nu blogs come with inbuilt hunt engine optimisation. The inbuilt editor offers several options to emanate abounding posts.

17. is a site that provides a ability to emanate possibly a new blog or forum. Setting adult a new site is intensely elementary due to a predefined steps. It is probable to personalise a site regulating a collection of skins.

18. provides a elementary and giveaway blogging height that can be used to plead topics with other users. A blog on this site offers a ability to emanate discussions. The site protects a remoteness by charity several collection to extent a access.

19. BlogBaker

BlogBaker offers a height to start blogging in a few seconds. The site allows blog layouts to be edited by only boring and dropping. It also facilities elementary controls for edition posts. Premium skeleton are also accessible on BlogBaker.


tBlog is a village for starting blogs. It provides finish control over a demeanour of a blog. Users can entrance real-time statistics about a blogs. Suggested networking helps emanate discussions with like-minded users, while bannerless blogging is also available.


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