“vPub v5” opensource online Party!

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Dear pals, I’m delighted to inform you regarding the upcoming “vPub v5” on-line event which begins this Thursday (26 May) at 4 PM UTC. Here’s a homepage of our online party – https://vpub.dasharo.com/

Aside from enjoying, we would certainly such as to review and also discover more regarding the fantastic open-source tasks from the ingrained globe of firmware & & equipment – and also their benefits of safety, high quality and also freedom. Some instances of the feasible subjects:

  • brand-new opensource coreboot BIOS port ( see“…now working on a new retail Intel Alder Lake MSI PRO Z690-A WiFi DDR4 motherboard” for even more details) – and also its’ testing results by QubesOS individuals. This port has actually been done by our 3mdeb business and also is fairly a stunning success by that it’s for a brand-new motherboard still commonly offered as brand-new! ( typically by the time an opensource firmware is ported to some motherboard, it’s lengthy gone from the marketplace and also individuals need to look for the old pre-owned ones);-LRB- *********************)

  • RustSBI – a software application manager for RISC-V composed on Rust shows language;-LRB- *********************)

  • qspimux – an equipment adapter for the risk-free remote blinking of SPI blink chip ( made use of for keeping the firmwares) without separating it from a target motherboard;-LRB- *********************)

  • lnDSO150 – an alternate firmware for the prominent portable DSO oscilloscopes;-LRB- *********************)

  • bcm5719-fw – an alternate firmware for the network card Broadcom BCM5719;-LRB- *********************)

  • swtpm – a software application Trusted Platform Module emulator and also the means of utilizing it;-LRB- *********************)

  • TrenchBoot – a structure which utilizes several tasks to boost the safety of firmware booting.

Thank you for a fantastic time with us on our previous events and also your kind comments! We really hope that this set will certainly be as interesting as the previous ones ( which lasted for 10-12 hrs) – and also will certainly be awaiting you. Anticipate a blast in a cosy area of opensource fanatics from around the globe!;–RRB-

/ u/Mike-Banon 1.


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