What is a fluid lens electronic camera? The modern technology discussed

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( Pocket-lint) – Xiaomi revealed an initially when releasing its Mi Mix Fold collapsible phone at the end of March – it’ll debut fluid lens electronic camera technology in a mobile phone.

This defeats Huawei to the strike, which has actually likewise formerly been tipped to be consisting of fluid lens modern technology in among its future gadgets.

But, what is fluid lens electronic camera technology and also what advantages can it need to phone digital photography?

What is fluid lens electronic camera modern technology?

Liquid lens is a fairly brand-new electronic camera modern technology (for smart devices, anyhow) that changes an existing, fixed optical glass lens. It includes optical quality fluid in the center of a cell framework and also functions extra like the lens of an eye.

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It permits the lens itself to alter and also relocate form, either mechanically or online, concentrating both profiting rate and also the focal size that can be attained.

Altering its form makes it possible for the exact same lens to work as 2 (or even more) various kinds of a typical lens – such as telephoto for zooming right into chance ats a range, and also macro for concentrating on things near the electronic camera. For phones, this suggests you can utilize simply one lens to carry out numerous features and also as a result minimize the variety of sensing units required inside the mobile. It’s something Xiaomi has actually highlighted with its Mi Mix Fold phone.

Another advantage to fluid lens modern technology is that, due to the fact that the electronic camera lens device consists of liquid, optical picture stabilisation can be enhanced. The lens drifts so is much less affected by electronic camera drinks.

Liquid lens electronic cameras are commonly utilized in commercial scenarios, where mechanical lenses are sustrainable or not sensible. As they functions well in smaller sized dimensions, their usage in phones has actually been anticipated for some time.

Which firms provide fluid lens modern technology in phones?

At existing, just Xiaomi has actually revealed a phone with a fluid lens electronic camera. Among the 3 lenses on the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold collapsible phone will certainly increase for telephoto and also macro digital photography many thanks to fluid lens technology.


Huawei was in fact believed to be the initial to take on the modern technology, many thanks to a license released in May2020 It is yet to show up in a customer mobile. Perhaps the upcoming Huawei P50 can be its.

We presume, if effective, Xiaomi and also Huawei will certainly be signed up with by numerous various other phone producers in embracing fluid lens innovations for their future gadgets.

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