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Island tasks:

IOTA NEWS. Because no or couple of brand-new IOTA statements have actually been made throughout the previous numerous weeks (most likely as a result of numerous COVID-19 traveling constraints), OPDX chose to provide the complying with IOTA procedures that were energetic this previous week in between June 21-27 th (according to the DXCluster):

IOTA Callsign Island/GROUP Bands/Modes
—— ———- ————- ————
AF-004 EA8DHV Tenerife 20 m; SSB
AF-004 EA8TL Tenerife 20 m; FT4
AF-016 FR4NT Reunion 20 m; SSB
AF-016 FR4QT Reunion 20 m; SSB
AF-018 IH9YMC Pantelleria 10 m; SSB
AF-022 ZD7FT St. Helena 20 m; SSB
AF-022 ZD7JC St. Helena 17 m; Digi
AS-003 4S7AB Sri Lanka 30 m; CW
AS-004 P3X Cyrus 10 m; CW
AS-007 JH3NGD Honshu 20 m; SSB
EU-004 EA6ACA Balearic 10 m; SSB
EU-004 EA6LU Balearic 40 m; SSB
EU-004 EA6OM Balearic 10 m; SSB
EU-004 EA6QY Balearic 20 m; SSB
EU-004 EA6SM Balearic 17 m; SSB
EU-004 EA6SX Balearic 10 m; SSB
EU-004 EC6DX Balearic 40 m; SSB
EU-005 G2NV/M Great Britain 20 m; SSB
EU-005 G8XDD/P Great Britain 40 m; SSB
EU-005 GM2TT Scotland 40 m; Digi
EU-005 M6TCE Great Britain 15 m; SSB
EU-005 MM0LGS Scotland 20 m; FT8
EU-005 MW6OWO Wales 17 m; Digi
EU-009 GM8OFQ Orkney 20 m; SSB
EU-018 OY1CT Faroe 20 m; CW
EU-018 OY1OF Faroe 10 m; SSB
EU-021 TF2MSN Iceland 40 m; FT8
EU-021 TF3GB Iceland 30 m; Digi
EU-021 TF5B Iceland 20 m; Digi
EU-023 9H1TT Malta 20 m; SSB
EU-023 9H5BZ Malta 17 m; SSB
EU-023 9H5JO Malta 17 m; SSB
EU-025 IT9BLB Sicily 10 m; SSB
EU-025 IT9CLX Sicily 10 m; SSB
EU-026 JW4PUA Spitsbergen 20 m; Digi
EU-028 IK1MNF/IA5 Elba 20 m; SSB
EU-029 OV1CDX Sjaelland 17 m; SSB
EU-036 LA7WNA Sor-Trondelag/More 20 m; Digi
EU-084 SM0CXS Trasko 17 m; FT8
EU-114 GU0VPA Guernsey 17 m; FT8
EU-114 GU3UOQ Guernsey 10 m; SSB
EU-115 EI5GEB/M Ireland 40 m; SSB
EU-115 EI6GEB/M Ireland 40 m; SSB
EU-115 MI0ITS Ireland 10 m; FM
EU-115 MI3CAB Ireland 20 m; FT8
EU-131 I3/OE6MBG Veneto 20 m; SSB
EU-171 OZ5HP Jylland 17 m; Digi
EU-175 CU3EQ Terceira 10 m; Digi
EU-186 TA4CS Turkey 10 m; SSB
NA-015 CM2RSV Cuba 40 m; FT8
NA-015 CO6SRS Cuba 40 m; FT8
NA-021 8P5AA Barbados 20 m; SSB
NA-024 J35 X Grenada 30 m; Digi
NA-026 W2ZF NY State 20 m; FT8
NA-052 N1UL FL State SW 30 m; FT8
NA-065 WU8U WA State North 10 m; Digi
NA-099 WP4OH Puerto Rico 40 m; Digi
NA-108 J69 DS St. Lucia 10 m; FT8
NA-126 VE1BZI NS Province S 40 m; FT8
NA-139 N9NQA MD State East 20 m; SSB
NA-144 KD7WPJ CA State South 20 m; CW
OC-001 VK1TX Australia 15 m; SSB
OC-001 VK3EGN Australia 30 m; CW
OC-016 3D2AG Viti Levu & & Vanua 20 m; Digi
OC-019 WA6QDQ/KH6 Hawaiian 20 m; SSB
OC-032 FK8IK New Caledonia 20 m; CW
OC-036 ZL1WN NZ North 20 m; SSB
SA-002 VP8HDM/A Falkland 20 m; SSB
SA-006 PJ4DX Bonaire 20 m; SSB
SA-011 9Z4AH Trinidad 17 m; SSB
SA-011 9Z4FE Trinidad 20 m; SSB
SA-011 9Z4Y Trinidad 17 m; Digi

** Thanks to the people that placed the island/group and also setting.
on their QSNs on the PacketCluster records …

EU-003 Operators Bruno/CS8ABG, Eurico/CU2CU and also Marco/CU7BC will certainly be
energetic as CQ8F from the Formigas Islets (WWFF CUFF-0009,.
ARLHS AZO 001, PIP Air Conditioning-013, PFFP FP-163 and also DMHP AZ-061),.
Azores, on June 29 th, in between 0800-1900 z. Activity will certainly get on.
80/40/20/17/12/10 meters utilizing CW and also SSB.
Suggested regularities.
CW -3544, 7024, 14044, 18084, 21044, 24894 and also 28044 kHz
SSB -3744, 7144, 14244, 18144, 21244, 24944 and also 28444 kHz.
QSL Manager is EA5GL.

EU-090 Operators Silvo/S50 X, Goran/S52 P, Hubert/S53 Z, Milan/S58 MU,.
Gordan/DM7AA and also Mato/9A3SM will certainly be energetic as 9A/callsign.
( other than 9A3SM) from the Palagruza Islands in between July 18-31 st.
Activity wil get on 80-10 meters utilizing CW and also SSB. The team.
will certainly make use of the callsign 9A20 A throughout the RSGB IOTA Contest.
( July 25-26 th)[rare multiplier] The QSL Manager for all.
callsigns will certainly be S58 MU (straight or by the Bureau). The logs.
will certainly be published to LoTW and also eQSL. See QRZ.com for even more information.

NA-039/ NA-070(Rescheduled once more) Members of the Russian Robinson Club, that were to be energetic as KL7RRC/P from Adak Island (NA-039), Alaska,.
in between September 11-18 th (initially arranged for June),.
has currently reschedule their procedure for June 11-14 th,2021
This likewise implies their Kiska Island (NA-070) procedure will.
be arranged to June 5-10 th, 2021.

NA-135– 4A2L Isla del Carmen at:

NA-153– 6F3A Isla Perez at:

PLEASE NOTE: Since the Webmasters of the brand-new < have. chose NOT to commit an internet or upload web page to introduce upcoming IOTA. procedures, PLEASE send your IOTA procedures info to the OPDX,. and also we will certainly upload it right here in an approaching notice...

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