Why I dislike Linux: linux

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There is many devices, 80% are half working alpha experiments, when you require to mount a device you wish to try you require to assemble it due to the fact that fifty percent of the moment it’s not readily available in the database, if you lastly take care of to mount it it possibly has no GUI so you require to review the guidelines which are constantly minimal as well as do not include what you are trying to find. You make a decision to google it as well as the very first web links are simply individuals grumbling in online forums with a lot of replies recommending device xyz or some manuscript alteration. You surrender choose the following device as well as it’s just the same tale once more. When you lastly discover the device, assemble it configure it you do a blunder, you damaged it, re-install it as well as currently failed to remember all the tweaks you did the last hr to obtain it functioning.

Yet I am below disappointed attempting to find out just how to obtain 2 RTSP streams in VLC on my raspberry Pi.

PS it functioned straight in Windows

Linux is terrific, yet usually needs excessive time while on Windows or Mac things simply functions. Perhaps they have 3 devices rather than 3000 yet these 3 job

/ u/Alexydon.


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