30 Popular Affiliate Programs and Networks

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Affiliate programs and networks are mostly improved choice for businessman to foster products with fit ROI and for publishers or affiliates to make many out of their assembly or website traffic. They’re positively good alternatives of Advertising networks.

Here are some of a best associate networks that can work good for your business:

1 Commission Junction

An associate network online given 1999 and owned by heading online promotion association ValueClick, this network focuses on earthy products. Commission Junction (also famous as CJ) is a third celebration associate network that marks links and yield associate module solutions to many heading brands with their tracking technology. It is one of a many regarded associate module with thousands of affiliates and merchants regulating them.

2 Google Affiliate Network

Clubbed with your AdSense account, it’s a good approach to make income for publisher. The Google Affiliates network has several products that can be promoted on a site. Offers internal payments in 40 currencies to their affiliates. Affiliates can find products they wish to foster by their product hunt tool. It’s a partial of Google’s Display Network where advertisers can get bearing on heading comparison-shopping, coupon, calm site and many amicable networking sites.

3 ClickBank

More like a digital products marketplace place, Clickbank is large network of eBooks and module online given 1998. It has a unequivocally prolonged list of affiliates. They explain to routine over 35000 exchange each day and paid some-more than 2 billions dollars to affiliates so far. Every product sole by Clickbank contingency offer 60 days moneyback pledge to buyer, all payments many be processed with Clickbank and refunds taken caring by them too. It is a veteran network. Clickbank product mostly offers good commissions rates, someday as low as 10% to upto 95% of sum sale.

4 ShareASale

ShareASale in business given april 2000 and now offer their associate tracking use to some-more than 2500 merchants with some heading online brands operative with them. They have despotic routine for affiliates so sales can’t be generated by adware or toolbar. They yield accumulation of collection to their affiliates to foster merchant’s products including banners, calm links, datafeeds, coupons and more.

5 LinkShare

Rakuten LinkShare specializes in several areas including associate selling and lead generation. They offer accumulation of collection to emanate and beget links for affiliate. They work with some happening 500 clients J.C. Penney, 1-800-Flowers.com, Amex and Hotwire. The association founded in 1996 and headquartered during NY.

6 Amazon Associates

Amazon Associate module is substantially initial associate selling module on Internet. They explain to have some-more than 900000 affiliates worldwide. Although jungle is not a network, affiliates can pointer adult with amazon’s associate module to foster amazon.com products. They offer copiousness of collection including aStore, XML feeds, energetic and immobile banners, widgets and hunt bars. Depending on product and no of sales, they offer commissions from 4% to 15%.

7 eBay Partner’s Network

eBay Partner’s Network is an associate module from eBay. The network pays commissions to their publishers for referring eBay products or their partner’s products. The singular signup works opposite many eBay sites opposite a creation given they have Geo-targeting complement in place. With their Geo-targeting, if a UK formed caller visits a Canadian eBay site, he/she will be redirected to eBay UK site and can still acquire commission.

8 Zanox

Zanox is a heading network in Europe with some-more than 4000 advertisers. They understanding in industries like DSL, mobile networks, web hosting, dating, tickets and preparation compared products and services. Provides minute reports to their affiliates (publisher). For tip behaving publishers, they also have a use module called “VIP Club”

9 TradeDoubler

A UK formed association charity associate selling solutions for online mobile businesses. The association is formed in Stockholm, Sweden with offices in 18 European countries. They have network of 1800+ advertisers and some-more than 125000 publishers.

10 Plimus

Plimus is an associate network that doesn’t only offer associate tracking and selling solutions though also offer remuneration solution. Plimus is a heading associate network for digital products. Many module vendors are regulating them to sell their products, routine remuneration and get sales by their large network of affiliates. They have some good module companies in their network.

11 ClickBooth

It has a set of disdainful associate networks and brands compared with it. It has stood a exam of time, online given 2004. Clickbooth is a CPA network where affiliates are paid per movement basis. They offer many collection for their affiliates and merchants. The association has a headquarter in Sarasota, FL.

12 Affiliate Window

Earlier famous as Buy.at and recently renamed as Affiliatewindow. It is formed out of United Kingdom; a site is a good height for cranky nation selling options. It is a CPS network and won “Best CPS Network’ endowment in 2012.

13 WebGains

Webgains is one of a leaders on a front of associate selling formed in England. They offer affiliate-marketing solutions to many European countries and USA. Online given 2004 and offer some good collection and record to their affiliates and merchants. They explain to have some-more than 2000 merchants signup and annually generates 50 millions sales.

14 Glispa

In business given 2001 with around 9000 publishers and entrance to over 300 million singular visitors, Glispa run their campaigns to over 100 countries. Serving countries like UK, Germany and Brazil. Some of their advertisers includes Rebtel, FlipKart and Reader’s Digest.

15 PeerFly

Peerfly is a CPA (Cost per action) network with their possess tradition module for tracking campaigns and clicks. They accept affiliates from roughly all countries and with roughly all form of traffic. They have some-more than 33000 active publishers in their network from 165 countries.

16 Avangate

Avangate is an associate network for module and SaaS products. The network offers upto 75% commissions on certain products/services and offers visit “special offers” and collection to foster products to their affiliates. The association is founded in 2006. They offer eCommerce solutions like remuneration processing; associate click tracking and selling transport links to module sellers.

17 VigLink

A CPC and CPA formed associate network that translates keywords into associate links. Affiliates can pointer adult with them, supplement a formula supposing by VigLink and links are automatically converted into associate links. When visitors click on these links, publisher (affiliate) get elect from sale. Apart from merchants, VigLink also concede associate networks to uncover their links by VigLink network.

18 MaxBounty

Maxbounty is a CPA associate network and in business given 2004. The site claims to have 14000 affiliates compelling their products. Maxbounty has despotic associate examination routine to accept peculiarity publishers in their network. Affiliates get paid after smallest payout turn reached that is $100.

19 MarketHealth

A health associate network with products compared to health and beauty products such as weight loss, anti ageing, cosmetic and competition nutrition. Majority of products in their network offers commissions from 40% to 60% with accumulation of collection like condensed associate links, banners, calm links, low links and lot more.

20 PepperJam

In business given 1999 and offers CPA associate selling services to some heading offline and online brands like Levi’s, GNC, Calvin Kleins, Vistaprint, Phone.com and CreditReport.com. There are several criteria to join with them as an associate (publisher) and offer accumulation of collection like banner, modernized links, banking codes and approach product links. Affiliates can get paid as their smallest payout extent of $25 is reached.

21 NeverBlue

A Canadian associate association formed in Victoria, British Columbia charity associate selling services given 2004. It is a CPA associate network and explain to broach 1.5 million acclimatisation each month from niches like dating, software, gaming, E-commerce, Education, Auto, Finance and insurance. For associate they offer collection like iOS application, deeper trade analysis, tellurian nation redirects and more. They are also in mobile associate business. They accept affiliates from all countries.

22 MoreNiche

A UK formed associate network offers many health products in their network. Offers elect rates from 10% to 45% to their affiliates. Offers creatives like banners, modernized links, examination articles and calm links with modernized tracking options. Founded in 2006 and they now have some-more than 150000 associate compelling several health products. They are substantially initial among all associate network to offer certain good associate tracking record such as initial mention commissions, Mixitrack record and Split commissions.

23 SkimLinks

SkimLinks works identical to VigLink. They offer dual forms of products, SkimLinks (Which translates existent links into associate links) and SkimWords (Converts difference into associate links). Publishers don’t need to manually insert/create particular couple though a formula supposing by SkimLinks automatically does that. Both Skimlinks and Viglink are ideal for calm networks. SkimLinks explain to give entrance to 17000+ merchants and advertisers by their associate network.

24 AffiliateFuture

Claim to broach some-more than 6 million singular visitors to their 650+ merchants from their network of 65000 affiliates. Affiliate destiny is a UK formed CPA associate network. They offer genuine time click tracking and stating to both affiliates and merchants.

25 LinkConnector

LinkConnector is another renouned associate network with some innovative technologies they’re regulating like Naked couple technology, Fraud Free insurance and associate connections. They have hundreds of businessman offers accessible on a website. They have a dedicate relations group that works with a associate partner to concentration on maximising a returns.

26 ClixGalore

US formed associate selling association offers CPA, CPS and CPL associate programs. Also offer their associate selling solutions in UK, NZ, Australia, India and Japan. Offers associate commissions from 5% to upto 50%

27 SellHealth

A heading herbal health associate network specialize in anti aging and passionate health products. SellHealth is formed in Victoria, Canada. They offer some rarely converting alighting pages to their affiliates for improved conversions. Formerly famous as Leading Edge Cash associate network, it offers customised associate stating dashboard to their affiliates with accumulation of collection like banners, links, modernized links etc..

28 AvantLink

AvantLink offers many collection to their affiliates including WordPress plugins, datafeed, associate couple guardian (encoder), product ad widgets, businessman ads and contextual ad tools. The association is headquartered in Park City, Utah and offer CPS formed associate program.

29 OneNetworkDirect

A Digital River association offers tracking by industry’s heading DirectTrack associate tracking technology. Focused on module associate selling and explain to offer 40000 module retailers including Microsoft, Trendmicro and Sega. They also have a module called Achievers Program for tip behaving affiliates who make $50000 in commissions per quarter. With their Achievers Program, they offer additional commissions and many other collection including dedicated associate manager.

30 RevenueWire

It is an associate network for digital products (software related). Some of their clients includes ParetoLogic and PC Tools Ltd. Provides associate selling collection like Direct download links, alighting pages, tradition couple generator, associate couple to registration page and approach associate link. For merchants they offer SafeCart, with involuntary denunciation and currencies translation.


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