3D Printer Enclosure FLSUN V400 Review

Almost a year has passed since Gambody received the FLSUN V400 3D printer, and it has become one of the favorite machines in the company’s office. Our team used approximately 3.8 miles (6 km) of filament and printed over 1,000 hours in less than a year! After spending so much time working on various projects (simple, complex, short, and long), printing with different filament types and print settings, Gambody offers a close look at this 3D printer enclosure.

But before we review the new FLSUN V400 encloser, let’s share some notes on the super-fast FLSUN V400 3D printer:

  1. It is essential to mention the very convenient FLSUN V400 Web Interface. You can do nearly everything for your 3D printing project without leaving your computer. The interface offers many valuable settings.
  2. The ample printing space is fantastic. Despite its unusual cylindrical shape, this 3D printer can build large parts and objects without issues.
  3. The giant FLSUN 3D printer is problem-free. During the ten months of 3D printing, Gambody never had a nozzle clog problem, Interface glitch, or issues with kinematics. It is very pleasing!
FLSUN V400 printing stats

Advice: Please spend enough time calibrating the 3D printer out of the box. FLSUN V400 operates at high speeds. We encountered a problem when the 3D printer extruded more filament than necessary, which could ruin small elements at high speeds. Thus, pay special attention to the flow rate calibration. Also, remember to occasionally calibrate the 3D printer bed and clean it with alcohol or detergent before you begin your 3D printing project, as this can affect the quality of the print!

FLSUN V400 comes with glue, but avoiding using it or any other PVP glue is best. They complicate the adhesion of the filament, primarily if you work with PLA. Besides, take your time to adjust the tension of the 3D printer belts. They must not sag or be over-tightened. You can alter the tension using a particular device, which you can google and 3D print yourself. And lubricate your 3D printer on time.

Adjust 3D printer belt tension

Let’s speak of some drawbacks identified during the 3D printing process, and then we’ll discuss the new 3D printer enclosure:

  1. The first and most important thing to note is the printer’s inability to continue 3D printing after a power outage or surgery. Most of today’s desktop 3D printers can quickly solve this problem, but the V400 cannot.
  2. The hotend’s fan is boisterous. It will interfere with your work if your 3D printer runs nearby.
  3. The filament spool and screen locations are not the most convenient. The screen, for example, often falls from its stand because it is not very securely fixed to it.
  4. The open frame needs special attention and more details because it lacks a 3D printer box.

3D Printer Enclosure

When the 3D printer was released, many enthusiasts began searching for ideas to build a thermal 3D printer enclosure for V400. It could improve the print quality and allow working with ABS filament if the V400 enclosure can preserve a universal temperature.

Such ideas are justified. The unique 3D printer shape (guides connect its bottom and top) makes building a 3D printer box from scrap materials easy, as you should only cover the open areas. Engineers immediately began working on solutions, and you can now find many free and paid 3D printer enclosure options on the Internet.

3D printer box3D printer box
3D printer enclosure samples found on the Internet

Multiple 3D printer case ideas became real projects. They ensure a constant, elevated temperature inside the box, eliminating air and drafts, allowing hobbyists to work with ABS filament, and creating higher-quality 3D prints.

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FLSUN V400 Enclosure

The reviews and ideas shared by enthusiasts reached FLSUN. The company accepted the user feedback and presented a valuable update, the V400 enclosure.

V400 enclosureV400 enclosure
V400 enclosure price

This new official 3D printer enclosure for V400 is offered at $160 on the FLSUN website. Once Gambody saw this excellent addition, we had to test it and share the review with our readers and 3D printing hobbyists. It is time to see if the FLSUN V400 enclosure can improve print quality and help you create even better projects.

The official 3D printer enclosure arrives in a branded box, large but light, measuring 33.9 x 16.5 x 7.1 inches (860 x 420 x 180 mm).

3D printer case3D printer case

Inside the box with a 3D printer cover, you will find three solid plastic rails, short instructions, and six small 3D printed limit blocks. Each panel is protected by film and packaged well, so you don’t need to worry about 3D printer enclosure safety upon delivery.

FLSUN 3D printer enclosure instructionsFLSUN 3D printer enclosure instructions

The instructions are simple. They describe the cover installation steps for your FLSUN V400 3D printer. Unscrew the upper corners, slide the limit blocks to the bottom of the enclosure, insert the rails vertically along the axis groove to the bottom, and think about the panel you plan to open most often. By default, each cover can only rise slightly over 3.9 inches (10 cm). If you want to raise the cover to its maximum height, remove some of the limit blocks on that side.

How to install FLSUN V400 enclosureHow to install FLSUN V400 enclosure
Cover lifts less than 4 inches

It is easy to install and remove limit blocks and the V400 enclosure. But wait to run the printer. Because of the new 3D printer box, the machine needs to adjust the effector position after the pause. Otherwise, the printer’s head will hit the new transparent glass barrier. According to FLSUN 3D printer enclosure instructions, you should add code changes to redefine the effector position. In other words, you need a computer to use the printer’s web interface.

FLSUN 3d printer boxFLSUN 3d printer box

After you change the coordinate, save the changes, and restart your 3D printer, the upper corners will return to their place, and you will have an impressive machine inside the FLSUN V400 enclosure. Wow! It looks so amazing!

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V400 Enclosure Advantages

The new 3D printer box looks like an alien capsule, adding good worth to the overall price of V400. Now it seems complete and expensive! Gambosy believes that FLSUN will supply all its future top 3D printers with similar 3D printer case ideas because such an enclosure is comfortable and looks great.

FLSUN V400 enclosureFLSUN V400 enclosure

However, a beautiful look is not the only reason for getting the official FLSUN 3D printer enclosure. Gambody has been testing the upgraded V400 for a month and is now ready to share our emotions and advantages you will like:

  1. With a 3D printer enclosure, V400 has become much quieter. The new cover fixes the noise problem, eliminating it.
  2. The 3D printer case brings cleanliness and sterility and improves print quality. No more dirt or dust will settle on your V400 bed. The model adhesion to the bed is also enhanced.
  3. No more drafts. Hobbyists whose 3D printers are in the garage or near the window experience a severe problem with drafts, negatively affecting the printing process (mainly for ABS and partially for PLA) by changing the temperature. Weather conditions, like humidity changes caused by heavy rain, can also influence the prints. Luckily, the V400 enclosure solves this problem. The filament spool is the only thing that remains outside the case, but it would be fantastic to place it inside the enclosure, too.
  4. The FLSUN 3D printer enclosure creates a thermal effect. Thanks to the closed circuit and constant bed and hotend heating, a constant high temperature and dry air form inside the 3D printer box, positively affecting 3D printing. Printing with ABS filament is now possible, but be very careful with this material. Don’t inhale its toxic vapors that form inside the 3D printer case, and ventilate your 3D printing laboratory constantly.
  5. Simple maintenance. Cleaning your 3D printer bed inside the FLSUN V400 enclosure is easy because you can lift the cover.
3D printer cover3D printer cover
Clank 3D printed on FLSUN V400Clank 3D printed on FLSUN V400
Download Clank 3D Printing Model STL files

3D Printer Box Disadvantages

Gambody must mention minor disadvantages experienced while using the new 3D printer enclosure by FLSUN:

  1. The 3D printer case makes installing the bed calibration sensor more challenging. Even if the lid stays open, it will be in the way.
  2. It is super easy to scratch the plastic box. Wipe your 3D printer with a soft cloth only.
  3. The FLSUN V400 enclosure takes up a lot of space. Hobbyists who have limited space might go without this 3D printer cover.
  4. Some enthusiasts might find the case price too high. But it is worth it considering the cost of the giant V400 3D printer.
  5. It would be perfect if the screen stayed fixed on its panel. Still, it is just a personal wish.


We are glad that FLSUN considers its customers’ feedback and transforms users’ wishes into great products. It released a new 3D printer enclosure pretty fast. This V400 box improves the printer’s appearance and print quality. Considering the high case price, weighing all the advantages and disadvantages before purchasing this proper update is best. The professional V400 enclosure is worth it!

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