ADU 1318: How are the best ways to draft my DSP resume?

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On today’s show we discuss about building a DSP resume and what one must include in them.

Our question for today is from William who would like to learn how best to draft one’s resume in the drone industry. We discuss if resumes are the best way for a pilot to showcase their capabilities and if resumes provide sufficient insight to prospects on one’s abilities. We elaborate on how pilots need to succinctly communicate their abilities and our own experience in the past with hiring professionals and what stood out and pilots can plan on including these top aspects in their resume to attract clients.

Tune in today to learn more !!

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[02:29] Today’s question on how to go about building a profile as a drone pilot
[04:22] Are resumes really relevant in today’s world and sufficient to demonstrate one’s ability?
[09:11] How did Drone U go about hiring and what we felt stood out in candidates
[13:18] An example of high value perception and delivery in one’s services

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