ADU 1320: Best ways to use GCP RTK and other mapping tools and techniques without breaking the bank

Today’s episode is brought to you by Drone U In-person Mapping Bootcamps. Join us for our three-day boot camp plus one-day Flight Mastery Training in beautiful Colorado. We will be introducing and flying a variety of data acquisition types followed by discussion and instruction on how to process the acquired data. From Pix4d Mapper to Pix4d React, to Drone Deploy and Optelos. Students will go through a total of 7 exercises to master the workflow for various deliverables. The goal is to map and build models of this training’s location. Join us today !!

On today’s show we discuss in detail all about mapping and technologies such as GCP, RTK, and ways pilots can make the best decision for the business without breaking the bank.

Today’s question is from Preston, who would like to know about mapping and GCPs and all the best options available for mapping pilots without breaking the bank. Thanks for the question Preston, we start off this episode by walking through the best ways to plan a budget when working on a budget and share some examples of how cost effective solutions have provided the best accuracies in deliverables. When then go over GCPs and the ideal conditions to use them along with specifics of GPS Unit recommended to shoot GCP. Other key things we discuss in today’s episode is about factors such as signals and RTK integration, specifically, how close does the internet connection needs to be and if pilots should always shoot gcp’S and if Drone Deploy RTK integration good?

Tune in today to listen to the detail and information packed episode and learn more about mapping technologies!!

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[01:47] Learn all about Drone U’s mapping bootcamp and flight mastery classes
[04:09] Today’s question on GCPs, RTK and bringing accuracy to mapping missions without breaking the bank
[07:41] Planning your budget when working on mapping missions
[09:55] Why aero points can be a good solution for mapping pilots and using PPK data for mapping data
[12:17] When should pilots use GCP and when should they use drones like the Wingtra and other solutions for mappers
[09:55] Why aero points can be a good solution for mapping pilots and using PPK data for mapping data

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