ADU 1326: Are GCP’s required for Cell tower inspections?

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On today’s show we discuss about the use of ground control points in cell tower inspections

Our question for today is from Eric who would like to learn more about the use of GCP in cell tower inspections for improving accuracy and creating better models for inspections.

We start off our response to Eric about indexing in the industry and how it is relevant for cell tower inspections including some of the tools used in inspections. We also discuss about the infrastructure bill, opportunities for getting paid for conducting cell tower inspections. We also see how pilots can be better prepared for large multiple jobs in cell inspection jobs and working as a small DSP vs becoming an aggregator of drone jobs for cell inspections.

Tune in today to this information packed episode to learn more about cell tower inspections!

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[03:44] Today’s question on GCP use
[05:05] Indexing and creating maps of towers in telecom
[11:50] Is there a pull back to fly cell towers despite the infrastructure bill coming out?
[19:33] The final take on using GCPs in cell towers vs other alternatives

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