ADU 1342: Should I just replace my Phantom 4P?

On today’s episode we discuss about navigating new drones and keeping and using old and reliable drones such as the Phantom 4P. Our question is from Scott, who runs a drone business since 2017 and uses the P4P as his main drone and a Mavic Pro as backup. Scott would like to know if he should look at using other drones as his main drone and what would be the best drone as he looks to update his drones.

Thanks for the question, Scott, today’s question is something we have been asked and heard quite often and that is what drone to use and how to effectively use your budget to ensure you always have the best equipment. We discuss our answer to Scott’s question by discussing how pilots need to look at the drones and their applications in today’s drone market. Manufacturers today have increasing built drones for specific applications and keeping this aspect in mind helps pilots better understand drones and ensures they purchase the right equipment for their need.

We then discuss if the Phantoms are still relevant today and this helps pilots understand if they can still purchase the Phantoms and where they can use it and if the Phantoms are best suited for various offerings. We are sure the Phantoms are probably the best in the business and we discuss how pilots can explore other drones if they do not have a Phantom. We also touch upon remote drone use and how these are newer projects that are being carried out by drone pilots.

Lastly we discuss how pilots can be successful by better understanding client requirements and delivering to client expectations and how problem solving and working towards client success is an effective strategy to be successful in the drone industry.

Tune in today to know more about drones, their applications, understand primary and secondary drones and being successful in the drone business !!

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[01:22] Performing updates on the Phantom – Tips for the Phantom owners
[02:23] Today’s question on whether pilots should replace P4P
[04:41] Understanding the use of a drone for right application
[06:00] Are the phantoms still relevant today? And are Mavics relevant?
[09:17] What are remote drones and their applications?
[13:01] Understanding the ability to problem solve and deliver to client expectations

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