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Advanced GCP Integration PhotogrammetryAdvanced GCP Integration PhotogrammetrySimActive Inc., a global leader in photogrammetry software development, announced on March 19, 2024, its strategic approach to integrating Ground Control Points (GCPs) through its flagship Correlator3D™ software. This development is aimed at both enhancing and validating the accuracy of photogrammetry projects across various domains.

SimActive’s Correlator3D™, renowned for its advanced photogrammetry capabilities, now enables users to seamlessly import GCPs collected either firsthand or acquired through third-party vendors, notably including CompassData. This integration is pivotal in optimizing the trade-off between the number of points collected and the associated costs, a common challenge in photogrammetry projects. Additionally, Correlator3D™ facilitates the importation of existing surfaces, such as Lidar points, to extract GCPs effectively. This capability is crucial for augmenting field-collected GCPs with manually created ones from existing surfaces, enhancing the density and accuracy of photogrammetry projects.

Philipp Humel, Vice President of CompassData, emphasized the value of their extensive GCP archive, stating, “Our GCP archive contains over 70,000 points worldwide. When used with high-end photogrammetry software such as Correlator3D, and in combination with manually collected surface derived GCP’s, users can validate the accuracy of their projects.” This collaboration between SimActive and CompassData underscores the significant advancements in the field of photogrammetry, ensuring unparalleled project accuracy and efficiency.

About SimActive

SimActive is at the forefront of photogrammetry software development, offering its patented Correlator3D™ software as a comprehensive end-to-end solution for generating high-quality geospatial data from satellite and aerial imagery. The software is equipped with cutting-edge features such as aerial triangulation (AT), the generation of dense digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), point clouds, orthomosaics, 3D models, and vectorized 3D features. Powered by GPU technology and multi-core CPUs, Correlator3D™ delivers unmatched processing speed, facilitating the rapid production of large datasets. Serving leading mapping firms and government organizations globally, SimActive is dedicated to providing top-tier photogrammetry software supported by exceptional customer service.

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