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We released the fifth edition of our book Advanced Swift a few days ago. You can buy the ebook on the site. The hardcover print edition is printed and sold by Amazon (,,

Highlights of the new edition:

  • Fully updated for Swift 5.6
  • A new Concurrency chapter covering async/await, structured concurrency, and actors
  • New content on property wrappers, result builders, protocols, and generics
  • The print edition is now a hardcover (for the same price)
  • Free update for owners of the ebook

A growing book for a growing language

Updating the book always turns out to be more work than I expect. Swift has grown substantially since our last release (for Swift 5.0), and the size of the book reflects this. The fifth edition is 76 % longer than the first edition from 2016. This time, we barely stayed under 1 million characters:

Bar chart of the character count growth of the first five editions of Advanced Swift, from 537k (first edition) to 947k characters (fifth edition)
Character counts of Advanced Swift editions from 2016–2022.

Many thanks to our editor, Natalye, for reading all this and improving our Dutch/German dialect of English.


For the first time, the print edition comes in hardcover (for the same price). Being able to offer this makes me very happy. The hardcover book looks much better and is more likely to stay open when laid flat on a table.

We also increased the page size from 15×23 cm (6×9 in) to 18×25 cm (7×10 in) to keep the page count manageable (Amazon’s print on demand service limits hardcover books to 550 pages).

I hope you enjoy the new edition. If you decide to buy the book or if you bought it in the past, thank you very much! And if you’re willing to write a review on Amazon, we’d appreciate it.

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