AIS Commits to Intelligent Infrastructure, Sustainability as Part of Next Evolution Strategy

AIS Commits to Intelligent Infrastructure, Sustainability as Part of Next Evolution Strategy
Last week, Thailand’s operator Advanced Info Service (AIS) outlined its commitment to a new era in the digital landscape with the launch of the “Next Evolution” strategy, which focuses on enhancing intelligent infrastructure and AI capabilities to deliver an unparalleled digital experience for the people of Thailand and businesses across sectors. In alignment with the Sustainable Nation concept, AIS aims to foster sustainable growth encompassing societal, economic, and environmental dimensions within the digital realm.

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In a statement, AIS announced its commitment to continuing the creation of a new evolution in the digital world, which includes:

Intelligent Infrastructure and Innovation

AIS stated that the 5G Living Network is the most advanced, developed in collaboration with the National Telecom Public Company (NT), promising an advanced digital experience.

Regarding Fiber Network Expansion, AIS mentioned its partnership with 3BB (Triple T Broadband (TTTBB)) to extend high-speed internet access to over 13 million households.

For the Enterprise Platform, AIS noted that CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) and AIS Paragon connect 5G networks, Fiber, Edge Computing, Cloud, and Software Applications to increase the potential of key industries.

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Cross-Industry Collaboration

The strategy encompasses an enhancement of software and hardware, integrating Generative AI and Cloud PC in collaboration with ZTE to enhance overall work efficiency.

Additionally, AIS mentioned that the Point Platform serves as a bridge connecting banks in cooperation with Krung Thai Bank and retail stores, establishing links with small entrepreneurs, over 1.8 million money bag stores, leading department stores, and a network of more than 30,000 partner stores nationwide.

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Regarding sustainability, AIS aims to create sustainable growth of society and the environment through expanding cooperation, creating Green Partnerships, and providing knowledge and skills for the future through the Academy for Thais. AIS emphasised the company’s dedication to the ECOSYSTEM ECONOMY concept.

AIS said it believes in elevating the telecommunications network to create added value for users. The company has prepared a new evolution for the industry with the upcoming Living Network that can do more than communication, set to launch in December 2023. This network empowers customers to control and design their data usage according to their lifestyles.

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WiFi 7 Readiness

AIS further outlined its readiness to launch the latest technology, WiFi 7, first in Thailand, together with TP-Link, promising a seamless experience, supporting 8K video streaming and VR applications that fully meet everyone’s needs in the house. In addition, AIS mentioned enhancing Enterprise Infrastructure and platforms in collaboration with global partners, including Bridge Alliance and AISGON PARA.

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