Apple has announced the finalists for the 2023 App Store Awards—check them out

On the final day for voting in the Google Play Users Choice Awards 2023, Apple unveiled the finalists for the best apps on the App Store. According to the official blog post, “App Store Editors recognize App Store Award finalists—nearly 40 app and game developers who are delivering exceptional experiences and making a profound cultural impact.”Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow, mentioned that “the App Store Award finalists are helping users around the world to explore their interests in drawing, design, video editing, education, music, time management, working out, hiking, playing games, and so much more.”

Let’s dive into the finalists across the 10 different categories. App Store Award winners will be selected from this year’s outstanding group of finalists and announced in the coming weeks.

iPhone App of the Year Finalists

No doubt, the first category has to spotlight the iPhone. Apple recently unleashed its latest models—the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max—promising users an even more exceptional experience. Frankly, a substantial part of the smartphone journey is intertwined with the apps one chooses. According to Apple, the finalists in the iPhone App of the Year category have played a pivotal role in helping users explore and acquire new skills.

  • AllTrails, for helping the world find its way outside.
  • Duolingo, for bringing learning to the masses.
  • Flighty, for keeping travelers on time and stress-free at the airport.

iPhone Game of the Year Finalists

The iPhone isn’t just about apps; it’s a gaming powerhouse, too. The top contenders in this category beckoned players to dive into new adventures with vibrant graphics on the iPhone.

  • Afterplace, for creating a retro role-playing game with intuitive controls.
  • Honkai: Star Rail, for building a space fantasy adventure with cinematic animation.
  • Vampire Survivors, for inspiring a new roguelike action genre.

iPad App of the Year Finalists

People often pick up iPads for work and creative pursuits. Take the iPad Pro 2022, for instance, equipped with the M2 chip. It doesn’t just serve as a laptop alternative but also stands out as an excellent tool for unleashing creativity. The top contenders in the iPad App of the Year category are apps that have helped users express their creativity across various mediums.

  • Concepts, for creating innovative drawing tools and dynamic color palettes.
  • DaVinci Resolve, for creating a more portable video editing experience.
  • Prêt-à-Makeup, for bringing makeup designs to life for all beauty enthusiasts.

iPad Game of the Year Finalists

iPads aren’t just ideal for creative tasks; they’re also fantastic for gaming, don’t you think? The finalists in the iPad Game of the Year category captivated gamers with visual storytelling, user-friendly controls, and downright crazy obstacles.

  • Eggy Party, for crafting whimsical and joyful experiences for users.
  • Lost in Play, for delivering charming visuals and gameplay for all ages.
  • Pocket City 2, for inviting players to build from their imagination.

Apple Watch App of the Year Finalists

Let’s not overlook one of the best smartwatches on the market—the Apple Watch, which has recently unveiled its latest generation, the Apple Watch Series 9. The top contenders in the Apple Watch App of the Year category have made it even more convenient to access all the information users need right from their wrist.

  • Planny, for intelligently helping users stay on top of tasks.
  • SmartGym, for creating smart and targeted workouts at any skill level.
  • Tide Guide, for offering water enthusiasts real-time marine conditions.

Additionally, there 5 more categories which are:

  • Mac App of the Year
  • Mac Game of the Year
  • Apple TV App of the Year
  • Apple Arcade Game of the Year
  • Cultural Impact

You can check the whole list of finalists by category here. And if you’re curious about last year’s winners, check out our dedicated story.

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