Apple is now assembling the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 in Brazil

While China is still responsible for manufacturing most of Apple’s devices, the company does have some assembly facilities around the world. One of these facilities is Foxconn Brazil, located in São Paulo. There, Apple is now assembling the 6.1-inch iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 now assembled in Brazil

As noted by the Brazilian blog MacMagazine, Apple seems to be shipping iPhone 15 units assembled in Brazil. The company has not confirmed the news and there’s no explicit evidence of this on Apple’s website. However, Apple’s online store in Brazil gives customers a clue as to which model they’re getting.

When checking the URL of the checkout webpage for the iPhone 15, customers will now notice the part number ending with “BR/A,” which is used to identify Apple products assembled in Brazil. Most products are identified with “BE/A” or “BZ/A” to indicate that they’ve been imported to be sold in the country.

Interestingly, Apple has once again chosen to only assemble the 6.1-inch iPhone model in Brazil. The iPhone 15 Plus and both Pro models sold in the country are still imported from China. This may be due to the entry-level model likely being the most popular in Brazil, given the high prices of the iPhone in the South American country.

Brazil imposes high taxes on imported products. For that reason, some companies invest in assembling their products in Brazil, as this grants a reduction in taxes to sell those products. The 128GB iPhone 15 was launched for R$7,299 (around $1,460) in Brazil, but can now be found for as low as R$5,399 (about $1,080) in certain retail stores.

Apple diversifying its assembly chain

While assembling iPhones in Brazil benefits Brazilian customers, it also benefits Apple – and not just because of the opportunity to sell more iPhones. Having assembly facilities in other regions allows Apple to depend less on China and can help the company avoid supply shortages in the local market.

In addition to Brazil, Apple has also been investing in its assembly facilities in India and Vietnam. Last year, Indian customers were able to buy iPhone 15 models assembled in India on the very first day of sales.

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