Applied Motion Products adds M5 Servo Series

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Applied Motion Products introduced its M5 Servo Series. The company said the M5 Servo Series is engineered for high machine performance, exceptional torque output, and precise control. It is designed to work with a variety of robots, including robotic arms, surgical robots, and many more.

The new lineup offers servo motors in frame sizes of 40, 60, 80, 100 and 130mm and a power range of 100W to 3kW (up to 11 Nm rated torque). Applied Motion Products (AMP) said the line offers a continuous torque rating up to 11.5 Nm. AMP also said the design can feature planetary with helical gears or straight gears. The available output types include straight shaft, right angle, flange mounts. AMP also said custom options are available.

“The M5 series servo motors and drives with fast dynamic response, advanced safety features, and a broad range of industrial network options represent an unrivaled combination of performance and cost-effectiveness for our customers,” Don Macleod, CEO of Applied Motion Products.

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The M5 Servo Drives are compatible with select high resolution 17/21/23/26-bit encoders for accurate positioning. AMP said the drives support industry safety features such as dynamic braking, secondary encoders, E-Stop, and STO. They come with software with auto-tuning, multi-axis tuning, notch filter design, settling time optimization and more.

AMP also said the software offers command tracking algorithms that remove errors during acceleration, deceleration and steady state travel. AMP’s adaptive algorithms can help minimize errors from additive mechanical sources such as changes in load, external forces and friction, the company said.

Applied Motion Products was founded in 1978. In 2014, it formed a joint venture with Moons’ Shanghai, a leader in motion control and intelligent lighting. Applied Motion Products said this joint venture partnership enables it to provide it customers with supply chain reliability and vertical integration through a greater range of resources and manufacturing capabilities.

Applied Motion Products M5 Servo Series

Applied Motion Products M5 Servo Series

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