BONUS: Black Friday – Cyber Monday Special Episode: Interview with Drone U’s Editor Steve Delasantos

In this Black Friday – Cyber Monday special episode we have a discussion with Drone U’s Producer – Editor Steve Delasantos on his experience flying drones, his work with Drone U and how pilots can achieve success in the drone world.

We start off discussing Steve’s encounter with a fellow drone pilot on showcasing the best practices for flight take off and how these important procedures are often forgotten by most pilots in their hurry for taking off.

We next discuss on the importance of practice and how Steve honed his flying skills through hours of practice specifically from most Drone U courses.  Steve also speaks in detail of how spending hours editing and going through Drone U’s courses actually helped him understand the nuances of drone flight and understanding critical parameters of drone flight such as pre-flight inspection, battery maintenance and overcoming obstacles.

Steve also highlights the common hurdles that pilots face and the hardest thing that drone pilots encounter and how they can actually overcome them.

Lastly you don’t want to miss out on all the announcements on the best Black Friday Cyber Monday offers from Drone U including exclusive offers on in-person training.

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  • [02:53] Steve’s encounter with a fellow drone pilot and going over pre-flight checks
  • [06:17] The importance of checking battery voltage to ensure a safe return for your drone
  • [09:10] Dealing with orientation issues and best practices to maintaining the orientation of your drone
  • [11:26] How regular practice can improve your flying skills and indicators of ones improvements in managing drone flight/moves
  • [14:08] How Drone U’s content has helped Steve transform into a better pilot
  • [16:30] Steve shares his take on drones and drone accessories. Are they required and do they help pilots
  • [26:43] Conversations on landing pads and if they help drone pilots
  • [30:45] Steve shares what he believes is the hardest thing to overcome from Drone Pilots
  • [37:11] Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers from Drone U

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