BONUS: Drone News – Security Weakness in DJI Drones, Skydio X2 Specs, Drone Spraying, Drone Deliveries, Drone Powerline Inspections

Our biggest story this week is about DJI. Last week, New York Times published a front page story about a potential security weakness with DJI’s app. As per the article, researchers have contended that the app collects large amount of personal data that could be exploited by the Chinese government. This development certainly spells more trouble for the world’s largest drone-maker. To hear what DJI’s Brendan Schulman has to say about this, do not forget to check out this segment of the show.

Our next story is about the Skydio X2. If you listened to last week’s drone news, you might recall that Skydio has decided to make a foray into the industrial drones market with the Skydio X2D and the Skydio X2E. In today’s show, we reveal some more updates about these new Skydio drones. Specifically, you will learn about their much-touted feature – 360 degree super zoom.

Other stories covered in this week’s show include drone spraying in the wake of the pandemic, how drone deliveries are set to commence in North Dakota and North Carolina, powerline inspections in California, and much, much more…

Enjoy! Fly Safe!

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  • [00:35] – More trouble for DJI – NY Times reports security flaw in DJI drones
  • [07:05] – Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual used to save a man and three children from drowning in James River, Virginia
  • [08:51] “]– Skydio X2 drones to come with precision mode and 360-degree superzoom
  • [12:00] – DJI’s ADS-B technology, DJI Airsense averts a potential drone-helicopter crash
  • [14:08] – Internal emails and memos show confusion over mystery drones flying over North Denver
  • [16:50] – How many crashes have we witnessed between manned and unmanned aircraft?
  • [17:58] – Drones for good – drones used for spraying disinfectants and fighting the virus outbreak
  • [21:04] – Flytrex to bring drone deliveries to North Dakota and North Carolina
  • [23:48] “]– PG&E resorts to drone powerline inspections in California
    [29:21] – Police uses drones to monitor nude sun bathers in Twin Lakes, Minnesota

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