Brightpick enables eaches picking with mobile manipulators

In this episode, learn about the MassRobotics accelerator program and listen to an interview with Brightpick CEO Jan Zizka about robotic fulfillment.

the brightpick mobile manipulator in a warehouse aisle.

In this episode, we catch up with Joyce Sidopoulos and Martia McGinn from MassRobotics to learn about the upcoming MassRobotics Accelerator program. Then later in the show, we feature an interview with Jan Zizka, CEO of Brightpick, and learn about the company’s new Autopicker system for eaches picking using mobile manipulators.

Episode timeline

17:22    Joyce Sidopoulos and Martia McGinn from MassRobotics: What is the MassRobotics Accelerator program?

52:11    Featured interview: Jan Zizka, CEO of Brightpick

News of the week

  • Robotics companies raised $1.8B in September 2023
  • Two recent stories about Boston Dynamics’ Spot were noteworthy:
    • A video showed the quadruped robot using ChatGPT to enable various “personalities” as a tour guide. This explored how integrating generative AI with robotics might improve human-machine interaction.

Featured guest

Our featured guest this week is Jan Zizka, co-founder and CEO of Photoneo, the parent company of Brightpick. He discusses the capabilities and design of the Brightpick fulfillment system, which uses Photoneo 3D imaging cameras to identify items in bulk as they are pulled from totes or boxes stored on warehouse shelves.

Brightpick’s innovation is to employ a mobile manipulator that can pull a tote from a warehouse shelf and then acquire an individual SKU from the tote for a specific customer order before returning the bulk storage tote back to its inventory location.

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