Build error “No such module ‘MLKitVision'” when building Flutter app for iOS with latest CocoaPods (1.15.1)

When I try to build my Flutter (Flutter 3.16.9, channel stable) app I receive the above mentioned error:

Failed to build iOS app
Swift Compiler Error (Xcode): No such module 'MLKitVision'

I have the latest CocoaPods version installed, which is 1.15.1 as of today.

My build steps are

flutter clean &&
 flutter pub get &&
 flutter pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs &&
 flutter run

as well as

cd ios/
rm -rf Podfile.lock &&
  rm -rf Pods &&
  pod repo update &&
  pod cache clean --all &&
  pod deintegrate &&
  pod setup &&
  pod install --repo-update

With these steps I could get through errors like this in the past, this seems to be different today, though.

Does anybody experience the same, or maybe has found a solution to this?

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