Creatio Copilot brings generative AI to no-code workflow automation

The no-code workflow automation platform Creatio has announced the release of Creatio Copilot, a new feature of the platform that allows customers to incorporate generative AI into their Creatio applications and workflows. It is available across the whole Creatio platform. 

“With Copilot, we have united everything AI in one place,” said Andie Dovgan, chief growth officer at Creatio.” We have the ability to configure all sorts of different AI use cases, and roll out to applications and all sorts of different things that you do with the Creatio platform.”

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Creatio Copilot comes with Copilot Studio, which is an area that includes a number of pre-built automations, such as a knowledge base assistant, appointment scheduling, and a contract renewal reminder. The pre-built automations can be further customized to better suit a customer’s specific needs, or Copilot Studio can also be used to can create new automations entirely. 

“So within our concept of Gen AI integration, we fully leverage the idea of no code,” Dovgan explained. “We allow the end user to configure use cases for Gen AI similarly to how we enable them to configure anything else in our platform. So it’s not just that we’ve developed a lot of different use cases and we kind of sprinkle them around our application as a platform; we created a toolkit to provides the end user with the ability to get into that scenario, change the prompt and additional action items, get into the advanced settings and really tweak and adjust to meet their specific requirements.”

The pre-built automations are mainly designed for development, sales professionals, marketers, and customer service agents in mind, though anyone can create their own automation to suit different needs. 

Developers can use the generative AI capabilities to describe the type of application they want to create and then have it generate the UX components. Then, they can go in and add the specific capabilities they want for their application. 

For sales, Creatio Copilot can be used to do things like identify and score engaged customers, generate conversation summaries, and get prompts for the next action to take.

For marketers, it can help design optimized campaign flows, select the most responsive audiences for campaigns, and prepare communications templates. 

And for customer service agents, Creatio Copilot can analyze customer emails, determine the urgency and category of cases, and suggest the most qualified agent to assign a ticket to. 

“We’re combining no-code and Gen AI, and we give an incredible set of opportunities for non-technical people to build those use cases on the fly,” said Dovgan. “And then we’ll also provide a rich set of out of the box and Gen AI use cases through Copilot for sales, marketing, customer service and assisted development.”

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