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Currawong – Cortex Hybrid Power System (CHPS)

The Cortex Hybrid Power System (CHPS) provides up to 750W of electrical power for small UAVs in an amazingly small form factor for a Power Management Unit (PMU). Utilizing Currawong’s hybrid power architecture, power can be delivered from either the generator, or the battery, or both simultaneously. The power unit also provides integrated engine restarting and engine boost / overdrive capability.


Part Number  CE2337
Length  120mm
Width 78mm
Height 20.4mm
Weight 188g
Power Up to 750W
Voltage 24V – 60V

Datasheet Download

Cortex Hybrid Power System (CHPS) Currawong Engineering PMU

•  Remotely activated engine starting.

•  Three independent regulated output rails.

•  Failsafe power provided by the connected battery.

•  Supports a wide range of battery voltages (24V / 6S up to 56V / 14S).

•  Integrated battery charger.

•  CAN or RS232 control and telemetry interface.

•  High efficiency hybrid design reduces size and weight.

•  Shore power input provides full suite of regulated rails and battery charging.

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