DBOS announces FaaS platform DBOS Cloud and $8.5 million in seed funding

DBOS announced that it has raised $8.5 million in seed funding, and released its first product offering. The funding was led by Engine Ventures and Construct Capital, along with Sinewave, and GutBrain Ventures.

DBOS (database oriented operating system) runs operating system services on top of high-performance distributed databases, creating a scalable, fault-tolerant, and cyber-resilient foundation for cloud-native applications with the added ability to store all state, logs, and other system data in SQL-accessible tables, the company explained.

Its first product offering is DBOS Cloud, which is a functions as a service (FaaS) platform that presents a significant advancement for developers looking to explore the capabilities of the DBOS operating system. As a transactional serverless application platform, DBOS Cloud facilitates the construction and operation of serverless functions, workflows, and applications. 

Its foundation on DBOS enables developers to tap into a framework designed for streamlined development processes and enhanced operational efficiency.

The platform’s integration with DBOS offers a distinctive user experience by simplifying the complexities traditionally associated with development, deployment, and operations. By leveraging DBOS Cloud, developers not only benefit from an environment that prioritizes ease of use but also gain advancements in cybersecurity and cyber-resilience. This dual focus ensures that applications built on DBOS Cloud are both robust against cyber threats and adaptable to the evolving digital landscape.

“The cybersecurity implications of DBOS are truly transformative,” said DBOS co-founder and former Head of Cybersecurity Practice at BCG Platinion, Michael Coden. “By simplifying the cloud application stack, DBOS greatly reduces the attack surface of cloud applications. On top of that, DBOS enables self-detection of cyberattacks within seconds without the use of expensive external analytics tools, and it can restore itself to a pre-attack state in minutes. It’s a DevSecOps game-changer.”

DBOS was co-founded by Mike Stonebaker, who created Postgres and won a Turing Award for his contributions “to the concepts and practices underlying modern database systems; Matei Zaharia, who was co-founder and CEO of Databricks; and a joint team of MIT and Stanford computer scientists. It was built based on several years of joint research from MIT and Stanford. 

“The cloud has outgrown 33 year-old Linux, and it’s time for a new approach,” said Stonebraker. “If you run the OS on a distributed database as DBOS does, fault-tolerance, multi-node scaling, state management, observability and security get much easier. You don’t need containers or orchestration layers, and you write less code because the OS is doing more for you.”

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