EDL 007: Elevating Drone Life: Interview with Josh Marriott, on drones in construction industry and setting up successful drone programs

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Elevating Drone Life is a podcast for drone professionals by drone professionals. It is a podcast that takes you on a journey through the exciting and ever-evolving world of drone technology.

Each week, we’ll be speaking with professionals from all walks of the drone industry, Drone U Elite Instructors and members to learn about their experiences, insights, and tips for success. We’ll explore the latest trends in drone technology, dive into real-world applications, and uncover the unique challenges and opportunities facing today’s drone pilots.

On our show today, we talk to Josh Marriott, Director of VDC and Field Solutions with the Whites Company in Phoenix Arizona. Josh has been active in the construction industry for several years now and has seen the evolution of drones carrying out multiple jobs and missions. On today’s aspect we uncover the secrets to running a successful drone program in the construction industry and go over jobs, safety, scaling operations and much more.
Josh goes over how he got into the drones and how he grew successful drone programs in the construction industry. He elaborates on how team can successfully train in-house pilots and what it takes to work with the amount of data that drones can produce for a company and how all departments can utilize this data from safety to marketing and more. Josh also digs into the secrets of managing fleets and how pilots can successfully get hired as a drone pilot in the construction industry.

Tune in to this show as we explore the fascinating world of drone technology and discover the amazing insights from Josh in the drone industry.

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[01:22] Learn more about how Josh got started in the drone industry
[04:40] Josh’s current role and how he performs his work with drones
[10:05] Training your team and building competencies in-house vs outsourcing work
[12:53] Why outsourcing can seem appealing at first, but how companies can put together a drone program in-house and Josh’s learning from developing programs
[17:30] Working with data and effective data management and how to effectively have all internal departments work with data
[22:28] Josh shares his insight on ensuring safety across teams and projects in the construction industry
[24:33] Josh’s go-to drones for the construction industry drone projects
[28:23] How to be a successful pilot in the construction industry and what the companies look in a drone pilot when hiring

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