Exactly how would certainly I discover more concerning the linux circulations work on ingrained tools like routers?: linux

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I was attempting for more information concerning linux as well as exactly how ingrained tools tick, as well as I saw that my router (Asus RT-AX3000) runs a weird variation of linux, at the very least contrasted to the various other distro’s i’ve made use of. The origin filesystem appears to have a weird configuration contrasted to the various other distro’s ive e.g ubuntu web server, manjaro, and so on. This ingrained variation of linux has directory sites that i’ve never ever seen prior to. Seeking some clearness on what specifically they are made use of for. Heres what I discovered when i ran ‘ls’ on the origin filesystem:

 container cifs1 cifs2 information debug dev etc house jffs lib mmc mnt decide proc rom origin sbin sys sysroot tmp usr var www

/ u/nyc13 f.


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