FAA extends Remote ID compliance date

Drone Remote ID has been incoming for a while now, the original compliance date was just a few days away in September 2023. However, the FAA recognizes that many pilots are struggling to find approved hardware at this time, granting us all a little breathing room.

The new FAA drone Remote ID compliance date is March 16, 2024.

FAA drone complianceFAA drone compliance

The systems are in place, the FAA would like you to meet compliance as soon as you can, they simply will not be enforcing anything until 2024. Please remember that enforcement can include fines and revocation of your pilot certifications.

As a reminder, Remote ID is available in three flavors:

  • Standard Remote ID – Drones with FAA approved Remote ID functionality built-in. All drones manufactured since early 2023 must include this.
  • Remote ID Broadcast Module – An attachment to your drone that provides the Remote ID functionality.
  • FRIAs (pre-approved flight areas) – An area in which you may operate any legal drone without requiring Remote ID.

There are pros and cons, as well as further benefits and limitations for each of the above options, but those are the only three methods currently available to meet Remote ID certification.

Is your drone already certified? Find out here.

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